What Makes a Turritella Jewelry Valuable?

Brownstone called Turritella Agate has fossils in it that are different colors brown, black, and white. The shells of extinct snails can be seen in these relics. Agate from Turritella was created over 50 million years ago! Only in the United States can one find turritella agate. It is mined in Wyoming, some of Colorado, and sections of Utah in the Green River Formation.

Turritella Agate Meaning

Meaning of Turritella Agate The name Turritella Agate is entirely inaccurate. It is neither an actual agate nor composed of Turritella.

It was given the name Turritella because it was previously believed that the fossilized sea snails it contained belonged to the genus Turritella. Elimia tenera, a freshwater snail, was later found to be the fossil.

The term Turritella did not alter, nevertheless, as it was already well-known.

Because of how closely its inclusions mirror the banding found in genuine agates, Turritella Agate is referred to as an agate. Turritella Agate is not really an agate because the bands are fossils rather than chalcedony.

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The metaphysical properties of turritella agate

The Turritella Agate is a stone of wisdom, grounding, and confidence.

It’s renowned for:

Improving emotional balance

Increasing one’s self-assurance

Containing knowledge from the past

Your connection to previous incarnations

Aiding in spiritual development

The grounding properties of turritella agate aid in bringing steadiness into your life. It is particularly useful for regulating your emotions and establishing a steady environment inside of yourself.

Being a “Record Keeper” it is said to have ancient knowledge about the world and all living things.

Many people think it can aid in the recall of previous life. It facilitates the opening of wisdom portals between the realms of plants, animals, and minerals.

Turritella agate aids in releasing negative energy and aids in healing old emotional trauma.

It is a stone of self-assurance that can help you connect with your inner self and look bravely toward the future.

Turritella Agate Benefits

Turritella Agate Jewelry draws all kinds of wisdom your way and aids in clearing your mind of undesirable or harmful thoughts.

It benefits:

Calming down bad energy

Providing you with a sense of security

Keeping you anchored during times of change

Assisting you in making wise choices

Improving your capacity for creativity

By balancing the energy in your life, turritella agate enables you to let go of any unwelcome energies that have been bugging you.

You might feel secure in your thoughts and actions because it gives you a sense of security. Turritella Agate guides you in choosing the finest course of action for you.

Turritella Agate aids in the removal of undesirable energy and unfavorable emotions. It is a stabilizing stone that inspires a sense of security.

Zodiac Signs, Chakras, and Elementals

Turritella Agate’s Root Chakra resonance can help you feel more physically, emotionally, and spiritually anchored.

It possesses ancient knowledge of the planet and is associated with the Earth element. Due to the fact that the fossils in Turritella Agate were formerly freshwater snails, it is also associated with the Water element.

Gemini, Cancer, and Aquarius are the zodiac signs that are related to turritella agate.

Using Turritella Agate

When you require a confidence boost, use Turritella Agate. Keep a piece with you at all times to give your mind a sense of security. Place it in your bra, bag, or pocket.

Turritella Agate can provide you with the mental clarity you need to make the best choice for you if you have to decide anything crucial. As you make these choices, have a piece of Turritella agate in your hand to give you courage and insight.

If you’re looking for a stone to help you remember your previous lives, try using turritella agate. Its age-old knowledge aids in grounding you in the past.

Having or sporting Turritella Agate is beneficial during times of transition. It provides protective and empowering energies, as well as the mental clarity required when dealing with novel situations.


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