What is Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)?

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

The best-in-class image and design tools

With the Enhanced Brand Content self-service design studio, you’re able to use templates and images that we’ve curated just for you. You’ll be able to quickly and easily create an ad using your customized slogan and logo and then upload it directly to Amazon for approval.

Manage multiple campaigns without ever having to download any software

Manage all your campaigns from one central hub, so you don’t have to download any software or track multiple accounts. You can monitor campaign performance in real time so you know which campaigns are working best and optimize accordingly.

Publish flexibly on Amazon, Google, or other platforms

With Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), you can publish your story across Amazon, Google, and other digital media channels. We’ll make sure your content gets the visibility it deserves!

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) is an innovative way for brands of all sizes to grow their brand on Amazon. It increases the number of buyer touchpoints, which ultimately results in more conversions.

Exclusive deals

Through amzoner, you can use exclusive deals to offer deals and discounts to your products on Amazon. You can also create products with up to 50% off on Prime Day or Black Friday deals.

Brand awareness

Build your brand’s awareness by adding a customized logo, Slogan, and banner images to your product listings. amzoner also allows you to choose from a variety of categories that are relevant for your product type. This will help you stand out from the competition on Amazon.

Yummy content is another way you can build awareness for your company or products through Amazon. Yummy content consists of user-generated content, video content, and curated content that all pertain to your business or product niche..

If you’re looking for Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), amzoner is the place to go. We offer comprehensive Amazon EBC services, including content management, native ad install, native ad copywriting, and more!

Features section:

Why choose amzoner

No need to be an Amazon Expert — with our help, you can create compelling Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) with minimal effort. We offer 100% original content that guarantees top performance on Amazon search results pages.

What are the benefits of Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

EBCs are great for increasing the visibility of your products by giving them more exposure on search results pages. They also serve as a great way to strengthen customer loyalty and bonds with your brand. Simply put, Amazon Enhanced Brand Content is an important part of any marketing strategy today!

Quality service at competitive rates

We maintain high quality standards at affordable prices so there’s no need to compromise on quality. We also offer flexible plans that cater to any size business or budget!

Cheaper and more efficient than traditional ads

Brands using EBC save money by paying a fixed monthly fee that includes all features for a fixed monthly price rather than paying for impressions.

Branded experience

EBC provides a branded experience for your customers, with your brand details and designs incorporated into the pages customers enter.

Flexible integration options

EBC can be easily integrated into your website, giving customers a seamless browsing experience.

Publishing without the hassle

EBCs are delivered through Amazon’s CMS platform with no need for any additional setup or site management such as ads or tracking scripts. You’ll get instant access to your content when it’s published and all updates will appear automatically. You can also monitor your performance metrics by using our real-time analytics dashboard.

EBCs that work for you

EBCs can be published in a variety of formats including: editorial articles, blog posts, photo galleries, videos and product information pages. They can also be targeted to specific audiences.

Brand consistency, every time

We know that one of the most important factors in an effective marketing campaign is brand consistency. With Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), you can have your brand shown in a captive environment that consumers go to every day, with no extra effort from you.

Amazone power guaranteed

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) works with the Premier Partner network and the Amazon Advertising Services team to ensure we get the best possible results for our clients. We’ll work with you and your business to ensure we create an effective campaign and deliver on it for years to come.

The best way to tell your story

Need to reach audiences with your brand story? Discover the power of Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC).

Features section:

Unlimited assets

Add rich media assets like videos, images, links, and sound files for increased engagement.

Branded layouts

Choose from multiple pre-built layouts with custom colors, fonts, and logos to make the perfect presentation.

Advanced analytics

Understand how customers are interacting with your content. ASDASDDDDD. ASD

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