Buyers Really Want From Digital Signage Advertising

A recent study by Kinetic Panels offers some interesting insight into consumer habits when it comes to digital signage advertising.

We often hear that digital advertising is a “must-have” for businesses, but there is little discussion about how it actually influences consumer behavior.

However, the Kinetic Panel’s research is both compelling and refreshing, as it gathers valuable insights from the people who matter most to businesses – consumers!

What impact does digital advertising have on consumers?

In the Kinetic Panel survey, 1,000 consumers were asked what they look for when they view digital outdoor advertising. Nearly one-fifth (19%) said they were looking for additional information about the advertised product, service, or experience. Among the youngest age group (18-24), this figure is as high as 24%.

Interestingly, only one in ten adults downloaded a mobile app after seeing an ad on an outdoor digital ad, compared to 23% of youth.

Not surprisingly, younger generations are more likely to come into contact with digital posters than older generations.

However, according to the study, one way advertisers can remedy this is by increasing the appeal of digital signage by providing “location-specific information” and thus attracting more older adults.

The survey found that adults want digital posters to provide them with “location-specific information” above all else. About 48% of the 1,000 survey participants indicated that weather information was most desirable.

In addition, 38% of those surveyed felt that traffic information should be displayed, and this number rose to 50% among those aged 55-64.

In addition, 29% said they would like to see more interactive information signs (maps) in public places, 32% said it would be helpful to receive news updates, and 30% said it would be helpful to receive information about local events.

About a quarter of those surveyed said digital signage could be. Made more “convenient” by equipping it with a charging port for mobile devices. This could work in advertisers’ favor, as it has the potential to increase login time.

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The Kinetic panel survey also found that direct mail is a way to maximize the potential of digital posters. For example, one in 10 respondents indicated they would be willing to make purchases directly from a digital signage screen.

In addition, nearly one-third of respondents aged 25-34 expect to be. Able to make purchases directly from digital signage in the future.

Personalization of digital signage advertising

Consumers want digital signage ads to be. Personalized. Above all, they want to see ads that are relevant to their business and to them as a person.

A frequent request has been for facial recognition software that allows them to log into their online customer account and activate a list of campaigns tailored to their needs.

Click & Collect System

Nearly half (44%) of the 1,000 participants felt that their digital signage system could offer. A “click and collect” service, as they “would definitely consider it.” Customers can be identified.

The result? Once a customer is identified, their purchase moves forward in the queue, service quality improves, and the likelihood of the customer remaining loyal to the retailer’s brand increases.

What kind of content do consumers care about?

In a survey of people aged 18-34, a large proportion indicated that they are. Not interested in downloading digital signage content. However, they are more likely to do so if the content has value to them.

The content that consumers aged 18-34 were most interested in was “special offers.” 43% of survey participants said they would always download a retailer’s coupon from a website accessible via digital signage.

Entertainment content is also important: 24% said they would download an app or game. 27% of this age group would download travel information, with a quarter believing the content should contain information about things to do nearby, snacks, and tourist attractions.

Media services are most important to the youth market, especially for 18-24 year olds, with 29% of this demographic saying they would download a clip of an upcoming movie, TV show, game, or music to their cell phone if they could see it on a digital screen.

Advertising on digital screens strengthens advertisers

Research from the Kinetic Panel shows that consumers across all demographics. Already use digital screen advertising, but not necessarily with consumer-specific content.

This research gives advertisers the opportunity to create content tailored to their target group.

A total of 1,000 respondents said that the insights consumers want from digital signage are very different, but not unattainable.

Ultimately, while there are differences between the different demographic groups, there are also commonalities. Consumers are looking for content that is informative and relevant to them.

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