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Everyone needs custom keychains for house keys, car keys, storage room keys, etc. A very useful little object that is generally used to store one or more keys so they don’t get lost and can be easily found. It is usually a stainless steel ring joined by some type of element generally used for the decoration and personalization of the keychain.

Originally, these simple contraptions were used to carry large bunches of keys. Today their use has changed quite a bit, since they are generally bought to decorate or as a simple aesthetic element. And not only for the keys, but they are also hung on all kinds of supports, such as the zippers of backpacks. People got tired of always wearing the same bland metal ring that was used for many years, since there were hardly any companies that were dedicated to the business of advertising key chains.

Multiple Purpose of keychains

Keychains can be used for multiple purposes. For example, if you want to give something to someone and you do not know what to give that person, you can think of giving original keychains. Today there are many types of keychains, such as keychains with pictures of people, funny pictures, DIY keychains, bottle openers, etc. There are endless models that you can give. There are also prints that are a very popular occasion for travelers on vacation. These keychains, which are engraved with the occasion of the places you visited, are an excellent option for you and your loved ones when you travel. These keychains give an idea of an experience recorded in a small space, so you will always remember that experience and have the desire to relive it.

Moreover, this accessory can also be used as identity cards for workers. Engrave worker points of interest on these key chains to turn them into recognizable test cards so you can have truthful information on each one. Hang these keychains on cables to create personalized cards and you will see that none of your workers will lose it.

Keychains can also serve as wedding presents. When people are getting married, they always give a small present to their guests. Imagine that you make a beautiful design that reminds them of your wedding day. In addition to being very original, this can be super beautiful and a unique detail. Of course, we recommend that it be a phrase about marriage or something iconic, but in this case do not put the photo of your husband or yourself, since not everyone appreciates that. A photo keychain is more for the people you love the most and not for everyone.

There are also promotional keyrings which are essential items that most people pass on on a daily basis, making these charms a simple method for your company logo to appear just as often. If you have a company, you will know that when you give away a keychain, first your client will feel grateful for the present, but also every time they use their keys, they will have your company’s logo seeing it at all times, don’t you think? Who will return for another purchase?

If you are a lover of repairs, there are multi-tool keychains. Having a keychain at hand that allows you to screw something or cut a cable when necessary, that is going to another level. You can customize your multi-tool keychains, but for this you will need to visit a keychain maker to help you make this tool just the way you like it.

There are endless models, keyring ideas that you can use, as you saw, even if they seem insignificant, keyrings can give you millions of uses that in the end you will be grateful for. If you are about to have a special date and you did not know what to give, here we have given you many ideas so that you can make use of your imagination. The coolest thing about keychains is that you can create them yourself or let others do it for you. Really the manufacture is not complicated as long as you know what models you really want to make. Everything is in you.

Things changed the day a company saw that metal round rings were out of date and could very well exploit a virgin market by supplying people with new and original types of these little tools. Promotional keychains of different shapes, sizes and colors began to be designed, that is, more personalized. Later, famous images from series, movies, cartoons, photographs of places in the world, names, etc. began to be included. And, lastly, keyrings have already been manufactured for companies with different figures and shapes, more oriented towards the concept of merchandising.

Today, custom keychain has an infinite source of customization, that is, you can choose any theme and capture it on one of them. At Vograce you can also choose the type of material for the perfect keychain for you. From silicone or wood to different types of metals, silver, stainless steel, key chains with led light or multifunction. In our online catalog you will find them at the best price and engraved with different printing techniques such as laser or pad printing in one or more colors.

Original and personalized keychains can also be purchased for specific company marketing campaigns. They can serve as a gift to customers who are already loyal to the company or to publicize the company’s products, improving its advertising campaign. Multipurpose key rings can also be used as an original gift as they allow us to record names and place different photos and images that can be very funny for the person who receives it. Finally, in this era of new technologies there are also laser engraved keyrings that can be used as USB sticks.


Now you see, the function of a keychain can be as specific or varied as you like. In addition to practical, it can be very convenient. Key ring design has changed a lot in recent years and will continue to do so, adapting to our daily lives.

Take advantage of the different possible functions of a keychain in your routine or within the promotional marketing of your business to increase the visibility and positive recall of your brand.

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