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Are you the one, who is also the victim of hair loss and hair-related problems??? and types of braids wish to reverse those damage back???

The hair vitamins/pills are very much popular among the new generation for hair growth and development. These are the supplements of vitamins and protein that our hair needs for proper nourishment and growth.

There are plenty of commercial products available in the market for hair-related problems. Major products that claim to be your hair problem solver must contain most importantly protein, vitamins, and zinc in it.

How they work

Furthermore, supplements are the products that provide extra nutrition to your hair and body that your hair doesn’t get from the diet.  So, if your body doesn’t get enough nutrition from the diet then you must consider these supplements to full fill your body’s needs.

Vitamin A is the major product that helps in hair growth, it also stimulates the oil gland of hair cuticles that increase the secretion of oil from it. Which ultimately moisturizes the hair cuticles and increases health growth and nourishment.

Vitamin B is a life savior for hair, this can be found in seafood and grains most importantly. Which has a very key role in maintaining hair growth.

Vitamin C is richly present in citrus fruits and this is very important in making collagen such as KERATIN around the hair strand. Which gives them a smooth and silky look, helps them for amazing hair growth

Iron is the key component of blood. This helps in carrying the oxygen to hair, which increases the blood flow towards hair cuticles hence, improving hair growth and development.


My suggestion to all hair supplement users that, make sure you get them from natural resources because fruits and vegetables are the best choices for hair growth.

Keep yourself hydrated because once you are hydrated then the hairs will also get enough moisturizer from that.

Always try to protect your hair from harsh chemicals and harsh weather.

In the end, I just wanted to say that hair pills can work for your hair development and growth to some extent but try to full fill these lacks by taking enough water and plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet.


What is the best after keratin treatment hair-care tip?

Every girl’s wish is to look beautiful; therefore, they make their hair straight with a keratin treatment. After doing this activity, they also need some tips for the care of their hair. Applying some best and most beneficial tips can asave your hair from harmful effects like hair loss, roughness, and hair damage.

Below are some best after keratin treatment hair-care tips that you can follow after your hair straight:

1- Hair-care tip: Wash hair with warm water

After keratin treatment, you must avoid frequently washing your hair. Use cool and warm water for shampoo but avoid hot water. Instead of taking water daily, you can use spray dry shampoo to make your hair silky and stylish. This method is best for cleaning hair daily.

2- Hair-care tip: Brushing

Try to make yourself a master in the brushing method. Comb your hair a couple times a day to make the hair healthy and shiny. Ensure that you don’t touch the brush during your wet hair because applying a comb while or after shampoo can easily damage your hair from the root.

3- Hair-care tip: Shampoo and conditioner

The most crucial step is to select the special conditioner and shampoo which contains micro keratin after keratin treatment. And stay away from cheap products. Furthermore, after washing your hair with shampoo, you must use a conditioner. This tip will assist your hair away from breakage and increase the smoothness. So, it also helps to make yourself beautiful and stylish for an extended period. Especially in the winter season, hair care is crucial because the climate badly affects your hair and makes it frizzy.

4- Hair-care tip: Stay away from style

Making your hair a different style can destroy the straight hair look. Ensure that you don’t do any hairstyle for two weeks because, at that time, keratin is malleable. Also, keep away the headband, hair clips, and sunglasses from the hair. When you go against this tip, your hair will retain that shape, and you will suffer a lot to bring the hair to the square shape.

5- Hair-care tip: Massage your hair

The customary back rub of the scalp helps in hair thickness and manages the blood dissemination to the hair germs, which restore the hair roots. Furthermore, keep in mind that rubbing is a sluggish interaction that shows the outcomes. Yet, it is exceptionally useful in the wake of taking any hair treatment to keep the scalp sustained, which will keep your hair from dryness.

6- Hair-care tip: Do not apply oil

As we all know very well, oil is very best for your growth and keeps your hair safe from different effects. But on the other side, using Jojoba and coconut oil is not too much for your hair after keratin treatment. The reason is that it needs a deep wash to remove the oil from your scalp, and using too much water is not good after straight hair. Do not use any kind of heavy oil for two weeks. In addition, if you want oil, then use lightweight keratin infusion best and famous oil, which is safe salt, sulfates, and parabens components.

7- Hair-care tip: Apply silk pillowcase

You might have heard that utilizing a silk pillowcase can assist with diminishing any grating, making your hair smoother and less inclined to harm. So, as you go about your keratin post-treatment, it’s essential to remember this because your hair will be more susceptible to damage from a cotton pillowcase.


Most people want to make their hair straight daily, especially when they plan to go outside with their friends. So, for that purpose, you must apply keratin treatment but, after the treatment, do not ignore some best hair care tips for keratin treatment. Avoid hot water, heavy oil, hair clips and bands, style the hair, color, cotton pillowcase, etc. Therefore, apply these tips, which we have already discussed in the above article. These tips will help you maintain your hair care properly and look healthy.


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