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Pests are a source of discomfort for homeowners and businesses alike. Pest control Franklin Square, if not done promptly, can wreak your peace of mind and can lead to financial loss for businesses.

Understanding the pests

Understanding the pests you’re dealing with is the first step in finding the right solutions.

Insects are among the most common pests encountered in homes and businesses. They can be ants who enter your space looking for food and water, creating annoying trails along the way. Nocturnal cockroaches are another nuisance found in dark, damp areas and give an unhygienic feel. If you have wooden structures around, termites can seriously damage them. Bed bugs are another problem and can be found in the cleanest of spaces. These tiny, blood-feeding insects can infest your bedding and furniture, leading to itchy bites and sleepless nights.

Rodents are the largest of the pests and can damage your property. They gnaw and chew on household things, creating fire hazards and spreading diseases to humans.

DIY solutions for pest removal

People tend to consider DIY solutions as a first step towards  Pest removal Franklin Square. Vinegar is the most common natural repellent for pests. For effective control of insects, vinegar is either sprayed directly or mixed with water. For rodents, imbibing cotton balls in vinegar works better. Some natural oils work very well in this regard.

Diatomaceous earth (DE) is another natural pest removal solution. Diatomaceous earth is known to scratch insects’ bodies, dehydrating them and causing them to die. DE doesn’t kill rodents but deters them from hanging around.

Boric acid is effective against all insects except bed bugs. For cockroaches and termites, put small quantities along crevices and cracks as well as cupboard and damp corners to get rid of these pesky creatures. Mix equal parts powdered boric acid and a sweet food to eliminate ants.

Pesticides work very well for most insects, but all necessary precautions should be taken while using them as they harm humans.

Rodents are not as easy to deal with, but traditional rodent traps have been the most reliable over the years. Rodent sticky glue traps are also effective, but for rats, they have not worked very well at times. Rodenticides are successful, but care should be exercised with these poisons.

Professional help in Franklin Square

All pests, whether insects or rodents, reproduce at alarming rates, and the situation might get out of hand before you realize it. If the pest problem is persistent or you may be unable to handle it yourself, do not hesitate to call for professional help. Professionals with their expertise and experience will help to solve your problem once and for all. Professionals conduct comprehensive pest inspections to develop an understanding of the extent of infestation, identify the specific type of pests, locate nesting areas, and then design customized plans to take care of your pest problem. They use EPA-approved products and follow strict guidelines to ensure the safety of your family, pets, and the environment. They try to use eco-friendly materials where possible.

The real success of pest control is when they are not only eliminated but future Infestations are also taken care of. Best of luck in your pest removal Franklin Square journey!

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