types of braids

If you have braid hair and want to do a trendy types of braids, we have all the information you need
to braid your hair in just a few easy steps and go out with a trendy men’s braid.
We’re not sure how this men’s braiding trend came about –
while some guys have been experimenting with braiding hair in the past few years, the style has
exploded over the past few months.

Trendy men’s braid:

types of braids types of braids types of braids

If you usually avoid braiding your hair because the braid doesn’t look full, this hairstyle can help
you with that. Don’t forget to hide the rubber band on the end of the braid.


Starting at the hairline, braid a section of Dutch-style all the way to the ends and secure with a
headband. On the side with more hair, take a 3-inch section of hair next to the braid and divide it
into 3 sections.
Use headbands to tie 3 inches of hair and ponytail to complete the look.
See how he gathers by braiding one strand of hair and letting the rest swing freely.

On the first step divide your hair into two sections and then braid each one. Braid these 3 parts
into a Dutch braid, flipping the side strands under the center strand and adding more hair into
the braid (collect hair from the center section only) with each braided stitch.

Dutchman braids:

The Dutchman braids his hair by twisting the braid to one side (allowing free, partial tension)
and then ending in the middle of the ends. Just part your hair down the middle, braid it into two
dutch braids straight on both sides and pin the ends in place. Just braid 2 ponytails on both
sides to the end and secure the ends with elastic bands.
Braid several strands of hair, starting at the crown and ending at the tip of the ear.
you have thicker braids than you did not need to loosen your hair.

Invisible bun braid style:

you need to braid the three sections into one large side braid. Each braid starts small, soft, and
natural, and becomes thicker and fuller in the middle until it narrows at the ends. After the
complete braids, you need to turn each braid into a bun and secure it with an invisible bun, and
that’s it.

Two twists braids:

Starting with the parted front (either on the sides or in the middle), begin braiding the main braid
using two inches of hair to create a larger, deeper braid. You can also use this easy braided
hairstyle on short hair that is not easily braided due to its length. You can try this type of braid
around the head, or choose two braids wrapped around the back of the head and pinned to
each other. This simple braided hairstyle is basically just two twists, two braids, and the rest of
the hair is tucked back for a lovely look.

Short hair braid:

Just because your hair is already in braids doesn’t mean you can’t braid even more. Braiding
short hair is extremely difficult, but there are several ways to braid short hair that men find
difficult to style; just choose the right weaving approach.

If you’re itching to braid your hair, find an experienced hairdresser, and once your strands are
two to three inches in length, you can start trying short, easy braids.

Heavy and thin hair braid:

With three to four inches of hair, you can do several smaller braids, and if you want to do very
long braids, you can go as far as you like.

Hair between five and eight inches will make the braids look longer and more dramatic, while
hair longer than eight inches will make the braids more extreme. It works best on short to
medium hair, as the amount of braiding can make it a bit heavy.
Smaller braids add detail and texture to them and are easy to maintain with a simple scrunchie.

Use of the texturizing product for hair braid:

Apply a texturizing product, such as Garnier Fructis Beach Chic Texturizing Spray, to the middle
section of your hair before braiding for a matte finish.
For more control over your braids, you can braid the next day or wet your hair before starting
the alternation.

Importance of face shape in hair braids:

Face shape is even more important if you want to braid all or most of your hair. When you pull
hair from the sides and back, nothing distracts from the intricate male braids on top of your

Final thought:

Haircuts play a vital role in styling, and braids for men definitely attract attention.
Because men’s braided hairstyles can be so versatile and creative, we’ve rounded up some of
the most iconic and sophisticated ideas to inspire you to create your own men’s braid. If you
think that extra-long hair is required to look more expressive and masculine, we would like to
share with you the best men’s braid hairstyles that you can do to tame or highlight your long
curly mane. You can do this hairstyle with four different braids: lace braid, French braid, Dutch
braid, and Semi-Dutch braid.

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