Movies under the banner of BBC Productions have always stood out for their unique moviemaking structures that luckily did not go to pieces as the world went into complete lockdown during the pandemic. While the United Kingdom saw the implementation of multiple lockdowns during these past few years, these did not deter the British entertainment industry from doing what it did best. It kept on engaging audiences with wholesome entertainment that held the signature Brit quality while diverting their minds from the tragedy around them.


Though the pandemic saw some of the best productions for TV and film, the idea was to never make the audiences feel that the world was going through hell (in the name of an epidemic) yet never want them to forget the consequences, if they let go of all the care details of the said situation. Thus, rising to the challenge of creating high-quality pieces, BBC movies stand at par as ever before! Why not go through some of our favorite picks from BBC Movies and see if any one of them resonates with you as well! Continue reading to find out more about our top picks!


Ali & Ava

Some movies just pack a punch. Well, that’s mostly true for this contemporary British drama that may resonate with so many people. The movie is about two people, who have been alone in a place where they should have felt wanted or admired, i.e. their marriage. Ali and Ava, as the title says have nothing in common except marriage. Tied together by a thread of loneliness and isolation that they each faced in their relationships, Ali and Ava, for all their differences find solace and companionship with each other despite the vast peculiarities of their situation.


The lonely Ava, who also happens to be one of the residents of Bradford, is an ever-loving woman. Being a survivor of an abusive relationship, Ava carried the relationship with her bully, alcoholic husband until his death. However, things begin to change for her after she meets the landlord named Ali, a British-Pakistani who has his own set of marital problems.


The two fall madly in love despite being challenged by greater issues raised by their background, race, and culture, bonding over their mutual affection for the young Sofia, the six-year-old of Slovakian parents, who are also Ali’s tenants. And over music, even though, their palates or choices don’t exactly coincide. Yet the audiences feel the enchantment of their dynamic, which might feel strange to some if not many.


Nonetheless, the sweetly eclectic soundscape is what sets this modern-day British romance apart from others. The differences melt away as the two share moments of believable tenderness despite the bleak reality that never seems to shy away. The British film industry is lucky to have Clio Barnard, whose charming love story transcends boundaries, only to welcome hope despite being soaked in tones of despair.


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The British comedy ‘Together’ is a movie, which rekindles not-so-far-away memories of the pandemic, especially after the world came to a standstill when countries started going into lockdowns. With the scars still fresh, everyone thought that COVID-19 was nothing short of a gimmick. Yet could not wrestle much against the government as they went into isolation to protect themselves and others from the transparent virus.


Thus, bringing forth many problems, that were always slid under the rug. And that’s what the movie Together is about for it brings the couple, who are referred to throughout as ‘He’ and ‘She’.


Stuck together in a house with their special child, Artie, the two bicker and banter – over everything. The isolation along with their rocky bond midst a tricky situation like the pandemic reflects what it was for many families and couples, who were there yet not there with each other. Although ‘Together’ is considered a mumblecore, it is still powerful in terms of writing and direction. Immediately transporting the audience to the world of the couple that consists of many vibrant hues yet one can see the chaos and the mess that lingers around.


What’s more, both characters break the fourth wall, so the audience becomes a part of their world against their will. And are never offered much respite from it. Despite getting pulled into the bleak lives of the two characters, the comic effect isn’t much lost. And that’s the sheer beauty of this British-based black comedy, for it stays grounded despite the healthy dose of doubt and disbelief.



What would happen if your favorite leading pageant was hijacked by a group of hardcore feminists? Probably expect the show to be torn apart. Well, that’s exactly what happened in the 1970s, when the newly formed Women’s Liberation Movement lead a coup against The Miss World Competition. Their stance was the show objectified women and had turned into a form of global entertainment that was a disgrace for womanhood all over the world. To regain some of that dignity, the feminist group protested against holding such contests in the country.


This British drama may have farcical elements despite the movie claiming to be about the anger of the feminist group. Yet it is an all-too-proper British drama, even with the constant elements of gatecrashing-like rebellion. The film seems a tad bit restrained for a subject as inflammatory as the rights of women, where the anger and rage of the characters should have been hotter than the fire in Hades’ pit.


Yet that’s not much the case since the characteristic properness of the British society wars with the chosen subject of activism. However, even with the presence of an intersectional perspective where one of the activists meets one of the contestants is not enough for it doesn’t add any new stance to a subject that could have been more rounded.


Maybe it would have been more forceful if it had stuck to s singular stance rather than trying to juggle a many. The film Misbehavior joins a list of edifying flicks that don’t exactly reflect much on the country’s history. Watch this film, if you enjoy BBC Movies and are a fan of Keira Knightley.


Wrapping Up

The unique art of British moviemaking has lit up cinema and theatre in the country. Their inimitable craft and compelling narratives offer a fresh new vision of a domain that intends to push forward. Once, period storylines and comedy dramas filled up most of the bylines, now not so anymore. The inclusion of cultural diversity and the wide range of themes have put the British industry in a new light in front of past audiences who already adored them and present audiences, who were learning to adore them for their much-commended creative stance.


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