Top 8 Website Performance Metrics you should know

It’s not enough to have a site if you want to be successful with your company’s online marketing. You need to have a site that is effective at bringing in new clients and turning them into paying customers.

But how can you make sure this?

This can be accomplished by monitoring and analyzing your site’s performance metrics. There are a variety of techniques to evaluate the performance of your online marketing. That is why I’ve put together this list of the metrics you should be monitoring to see how your website is doing.

Top Web Performance Metrics

The metrics you monitor will rely on your own aims, but there are a few site metrics that give you a full picture of how well your website is doing, no matter what your company benchmarks are.

1.       Site Speed

It’s crucial to pay attention to page speed because it has a greater affect than you can think.

Quite simply, no one enjoys having to wait! To keep as many people as possible engaged, increase your website speed. A site that takes so long to load can be a sign that something is wrong with the server. We’ve all been through this before, and it’s a difficult one. Slow website speed is a fastest method to drive visitors away from your site, regardless of what you’re trying to say or offer them.

2.       Time to Title

This metric measures the time it takes for an user to your site to see the title of your website appear on their browser tab. A quick title appearance assures visitors that your website is authentic.

3.       Time to Start Render

This metric measures the delayed time between a visitor ’s request and the moment at which the requested content appears in the browser. The faster this occurs, the more probable it is that the visitor will remain on the website, similar to the time it takes to title the page.

4.       Bounce rate

You can think of this as the percentage of visitors that leave your website without interacting with it. There can be a variety of reasons for this, from a poor page loading time to a lack of material that attracts to potential clients.

Bounce rates can be reduced by making a few simple changes. Rewriting your content to make it more appealing to your targeted users is also a smart idea. It is essential to keep in mind that getting high bounce rate of a website can not always be a negative thing in all situations.

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5.       Conversion rate

Website visitors who become customers are tracked using this website performance metric. To achieve high conversion rates, a variety of factors related to the entire user experience must work together effectively. This involves attracting the sort of visitors you want, having good page speeds, and adopting marketing techniques that are unmatched in their effectiveness.

6.       Error rate

Errors can occur no matter how effectively your website works. This measure will provide an idea of the rate of errors and the types of errors that are most common. It’s possible that your website’s mistake rate will be higher over the Holiday season since there are a lot of people visiting at the same time. The visitor’s experience can be greatly improved by detecting possible problems and taking the appropriate steps to address them.

7.       Unique Visitor Traffic

It determines the total number of unique users that visited your website during a set time period.

Unique visitors should be rising, indicating the success of your content in attracting new users to your website. Keep an eye on the  rises that occur in conjunction with advertising campaigns.

8.       Repeat Visitors

It indicates how many people return to your website on a regular basis. Repeat visits are an indication that potential customers find your material useful and fascinating enough to return again and again. Around 15% is considered good; less than 10% means visitors aren’t finding what they need, and more than 30% means you’re struggling to bring in enough new visitors.

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