Buying Property in Turkey

Having a villa abroad is no longer a luxury, it is a real advantage. Especially in an amazing country like Turkey. Potential homeowners in a number of countries that allow foreigners to buy and live abroad often want to know a good reason. 

How to Buying Property in Turkey

If you are wondering why Buying Property in Turkey attracts so many foreigners. Prepare a cup of coffee, investment or personal and get ready to find the answer. Buying a Property in Turkey are the most important reasons why foreign investors are investing in Turkish real estate. Turkey’s real estate industry has grown exponentially over the past decade. And foreigners play an important role in growth. But why the Buying Property in Turkey

1. The lowest property price

The cost of Buying Property in Turkey is much lower than in many European countries. For example, buying a house in London can cost eight times as much as real estate in Turkey.

Choose your property away from the busiest city in Turkey. Costs are significantly reduced. Property prices in Antalya start at 30,000 US dollars and have a high potential for long-term and valuable investment. The current exchange rate of the Turkish lira to foreign currency. This is currently Turkey’s smartest investment in real estate.

There is also a huge amount of real estate in and around Istanbul that is always built at relatively low prices. With the help of a real estate expert who can guide you to discover the best opportunities that are a strong source of investment.

However, we will soon publish an article on the problems you should avoid before buying a property in Turkey. The most important tips for Buying Property in Turkey.

2. Different tasks

An overview of the Buying Property in Turkey over the past decade. We have expanded our collection from small studios, apartments and villas to unimaginable spaces. You have all the options to choose from whether you are looking for a home for sale or are interested in exterior planning or new construction. From coastal places to urban life and remote areas. You will find what you are looking for.

3. Easy shopping process

Buying Property in Turkey 10 years ago was a tedious process of waiting for a certificate of ownership, but the Turkish government has simplified the process. The home selection process can be completed in a week until the certificate is signed. Remember to choose a good real estate consultant in Turkey to follow every step of the way.

4. Cheap living expenses

Undoubtedly, the average cost of living in Turkey is half that of the United States and Britain. This explains why many foreign property buyers live in Turkey all year round. Over the past decade, infrastructure has improved with the opening of major roads. One of the biggest temptations in shopping malls, airports and the dining industry is the extremely low annual cost of real estate. Especially electricity, water, internet, satellite and internet

Like the rest of the world, living in big cities is more expensive. The country with the highest cost of living in Turkey is Istanbul. The Center for Finance, Trade and Tourism is engaged in economics

However, this city is cheap and comfortable compared to other countries. Given the quality of life, Turkey can be a cheap country. For more information on the cost of living in Turkey.

5. Structural payment terms

If you are planning to buy a home without a plan or new. Installments of 6 to 60 months are available, so in some cases the repayment period can be up to 5 years. However, this is a good incentive because you will be paid 0% interest for first time buyers who have a limited fee and can enter and sign the certificate first. However, you can find the right properties for sale with the structural payment plan offered by many Buying Property in Turkey.

6. Available country

Turkey is a country with a unique geographical area. Some are in Asia and some in Europe. Whether you travel by air, sea or land, Turkey has an excellent transportation network that makes it easy to get around. Billions of dollars have been invested in airports across the country. International airlines also schedule flights throughout the year.

7.High investment

Everyone knows that Turkey has become a global investment hub. Since 2005, many foreign investors have traveled to Turkey every year to enter the Buying Property in Turkey as a key driver of economic growth. Turkey offers a lot of investment opportunities with the increase of new apartments and houses in the real estate sector. 

I have met many foreign investors from different countries due to my personal experience in building and developing trade. Arabs who come to Europe and Turkey to buy property, such as London, France, Germany, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Get helpful feedback in the short term

8- Turkish citizenship by Buying Property

This decision was issued by the Turkish government on September 19, 2018 and is included in the bulletin of the Turkish government. Turkish citizenship is granted directly to foreigners who purchase ready-to-use or construction property in Turkey for $ 250,000 or more. Please visit our page for more information about Turkish citizenship by Buying Property in Turkey.

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