Top 6 email marketing strategies for your laptop repair shop

If you have a laptop repair shop, you won’t follow conventional marketing tips to promote your business. The nature of your work is quite different to retail, and falls under services. Therefore, you won’t go for product marketing techniques when you want to expand your customer base. Instead, you’ll have to forge your own path and market your expertise and services. 

While social media and other platforms are useful for this purpose, you need to narrow things down a lot more. Email marketing is the perfect platform for customized and personalized marketing strategies. Once you find the right audience for you, and create those contact lists, you can go ahead and start sending out emails. However, you cannot just send these out randomly, with no planning in place. You have to be very strategic with this, and do your research well beforehand. To get you started, here are a few email marketing tips you should follow for the best results. 

Create attractive emails

Marketing is a very visual practice, and emails are no different. Long gone are the times when emails would read like letters, and you could just use standardized content. Now, you need to create attractive designs to appeal to your audience. Email templates are a great way to make designing easier for you. 

PosterMyWall has a wide variety of templates you can use, without needing any design expertise or even any previous experience. Simply plug in your content and images in these templates and your emails will be good to go. So, make sure your emails are designed well and look attractive. This will be the first thing your viewers will see, so do not underestimate its impact. 

Reach out to your audience

The first thing you need to do is reach out to your audience. To do this, you need to first find your audience. Join groups and platforms where people talk about damaged devices and their repairs regularly. Then, narrow down your audience from there and curate your emailing lists accordingly. 

This way, you won’t have to wait for your customers to come to you. You’ll already have a list of potential clients you’re in touch with. Reach out to these people on other platforms like social media or discussion forums, and when they need their computers repaired, they’ll have your business in mind. 

Showcase your expertise

As your business is a service provider, you need to showcase what services you are offering. Make sure your first emails to your potential customers show a list of your services. So, add cleaning, repair, refurbishing, screen replacement, and whatever other repairs you do. 

Emphasize on your expertise in this email, and if you’ve been in the business for a few years, make sure you mention that. In addition, if you specialize in certain models or types of laptops, then mention that as well. This will put your knowledge of your work on display and be a positive sign for potential customers. Also use flyers to advertise your services and share them across your platforms. You can design these flyers using PosterMyWall’s flyer templates to make your life much easier. 

Focus on subject lines

Your email subject lines can have a major impact on the open rates of your emails. If you have very generic and nonspecific subject lines, your audience won’t be too inclined to open your emails. Instead, you should keep things short and clear in these lines. 

A few basics to improve your subject lines are adding a sense of urgency, adding numbers, and minimizing the use of prepositions. Use a subject line checker tool to grade your lines, and then improve them accordingly. 

Offer incentives

If you have competition in the laptop repair business, you need to find a way to stand above. Offering incentives to your audience is a great way to do this. In your emails, add exclusive offers, such as free cleaning with certain services, or discounts for referrals. 

These incentives will encourage your audience to choose your business and also create a sense of urgency. So, if someone is procrastinating getting their laptop repaired, they will be more likely to take the opportunity if they see benefits like this in store for them. 

Streamline email workflows

When you have an emailing list, you can plug it into your email workflows. Email workflows are automated series of emails you send out to people along your customer pipeline. So, if someone is looking for a laptop repair service, they’ll get your initial email advertising your services. Then, once they move to the next step, they get access to discounts or advice. Once they get their devices repaired, you can send follow-up emails to ask them about their experience and the functioning of their laptop as well. This will show that you are committed to your customers at every step of the way. 

So, marketing your business can include various strategies like sharing computer repair flyers or posting on social media. However, email marketing, if done correctly, can be one of your most potent tools in maximizing your customer base. 

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