3 Top Instagram Story Viewers, Schedulers, and Viewers to Watch in 2021


The presence or absence of an Instagram username on an account’s list of Story viewers can attract new followers and conceal (or reveal) the stalking activities of a previous partner or a crush of the moment. Instagram doesn’t offer users native features to control the visibility of their followers and schedule Stories in massive quantities in the future. There are a lot of options available for other third-party Instagram services. We’ll look at three of the top ones.

In terms of the quantity and variety of features available they offer, the three IG Story apps can replace more than a dozen different services available on Instagram, including content downloaders and marketing tools. Intrigued? Let’s dive right into it check now


#1 Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer — 4K Stogram

4K Stogram is a desktop app to allow anonymous IG Story viewing and mass Story downloading. It not only has everything you need to hide your Instagram account’s views but also for downloading quality videos and images from Stories. It also handles the majority of IG media-related tasks.


Why You Should Give It A Go

100% anonymity. The app doesn’t divulge the information you view under any circumstances. You can securely monitor the Stories of any Instagram user. Stories of any IG user.

  • Mass Story saving. Download all available Stories simultaneously, including across multiple Instagram accounts at once.
  • Ad-free Instagram feed browsing. Discover new stories and posts from accounts you follow without worrying about ads.
  • Other Instagram accounts’ feed viewing. View the feeds for any Instagram user precisely as you see them from your end.
  • Instagram Highlights download. Save the highlights section to any IG account, including the Highlights icons.
  • The Instagram posts you saved were downloaded. Transfer all the posts you saved to IG on your drive.
  • Regular Instagram posts are saved. Find your photo and video posts massively downloaded, with high quality and high-resolution original captions.
  • Location and hashtag content saving. Browse and download content tagged in particular IG hashtags and geolocations.
  • Private Instagram accounts have access. Download Instagram Stories Highlights, Stories, and video and photo posts via the private Instagram accounts that you like.
  • Complete backup of your Instagram account. Please make a backup of all of your Instagram media if anything occurs to your account, or you decide to remove it.


2. Instagram Mass Story Viewer


A desktop application that lets you take a mass look at IG Stories. Mass Story viewing is a social media marketing strategy that involves fake-watching Stories of multiple accounts to increase IG followers and visitors to your profile. A specialist service such as Our Website is ‘watching’ Stories instead of you. It it’s putting the IG account’s username in the list of viewers without seeing the Stories.

Yet, is far more than an automatic Story viewer. It’s a feature-rich and versatile social media marketing application that permits users to search for their target audience for analysis of user behavior and the natural attraction of new followers and customers.


The Reasons to Try It

Mass IG Story fake-viewing. Get attention to your account by making it appear like you’ve been watching Stories of your audience or potential followers and all other IG users who are interesting to you.

Mass follower, liker, and commenting. Automate the routine activities that increase engagement for your account ( comprar 100k seguidores instagram )


Powerful IG audience search. Make sure to target your IG posts and accounts from potential followers through relevant hashtags and places in addition to the followers of your competition. Indicate the gender, language, followers, and size of the accounts you search for must coincide.

  • Analysis of your Instagram account. Discover users who are not likely to engage with your posts (spam accounts and celebrities.) and block them. Keep the restricted IG everyday actions for users who can give back.
  • A variety of filters and sorting options. Modify the order of IG user posts or interact in the most engaging posts first. Eliminate accounts that are not relevant and their content.
  • Who doesn’t follow back detection? Find out the IG accounts aren’t following you and create a mass unfollowing goal for those users.
  • Performance and growth statistics. Monitor the growth of your audience and how active you and your followers have been throughout different periods.
  • Multiple Instagram accounts Management. Join and manage as many accounts simultaneously.
  • A perpetually free version is available. You can use the software’s main functions free of charge, without any trial period or divulging credit card details.


3. Instagram Story Scheduler and Visual Planner

Our services works as a desktop-based Content Planner for IG, suitable for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. What distinguishes Scheduler from other content planners for IG is that it’s free. There are no hidden charges, and you can use all the features you want without spending any money.


Why You Should Give It A Go

  • Automated publishing. Drop your images, and set the dates and times — your posts will appear on IG, and you will not receive calls to create them yourself.
  • Instagram Stories Mass Upload. Create hundreds of Stories with just a couple of clicks.
  • Accounts, locations, hashtags, and locations tag. Include relevant information in your posts for the future.
  • Link in bio addition. Modify the bio’s link simultaneously as a posting’s new upload.
  • The first comment to be added. Keep the first comment on your blog post for hashtag clouds or other details.
  • Reposts scheduling. Plan the publication of content created by users with the caption from the source.
  • Grid layout Preview of grid layout. Check out how the posts planned are arranged on the app’s calendar and adjust their positions when required.
  • 15 IG accounts are supported. Set up posts and stories on multiple accounts at once.


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