Doing basic AC maintenance is important to keep your air conditioning system running smoothly and efficiently. Here are a few things you should remember: Always check the filters, refrigerant level, condensate tray, and air filters, and always hire a reliable service provider. These tips will help you maintain a healthy AC and avoid AC repair in Dubai. In addition, they will help you save money.

Air filters

Changing the air filters in your air conditioner is one of the most important home maintenance tasks you can perform. In the sweltering Dubai heat, you will need your AC to function properly. A dirty filter will impede airflow and reduce your AC’s cooling capacity. It will also contaminate the cooling coils. Air filters should be changed on a regular basis. In the case of central air conditioning units, filters should be replaced every six months or whenever there is a significant change in the system.

If you’re unsure of how to change the air filter, the best way is to call a professional AC maintenance Dubai. This service will not only clean the filter but will also rinse the condenser fins. They will also check for wear and tear on the belts, and will check the refrigerant levels. In addition to routine maintenance, you can ask for your AC’s air filter to be cleaned before the summer months.


When AC units break down, many people consider it an unnecessary expense or hassle. However, it is imperative for the business owner to provide a comfortable environment for their employees, so it is essential that ACs are maintained regularly. Regular maintenance will prevent sudden faults and hassles, as well as prolong the lifespan of the system. To learn more about regular AC maintenance, keep reading! You may be surprised to learn that you can save a significant amount of money just by scheduling an annual service.

Refrigerant is a critical part of the AC maintenance process in Dubai, as it circulates through the indoor and outdoor units. Low refrigerant will lead to a diminished cooling capacity, so it is crucial to have the refrigerant refilled regularly. To perform a proper recharge, a professional must remove the suction line from the outside unit and unscrew the screw. They will then use a pressure gauge to check the refrigerant level.

Condensate tray

If your AC is leaking, it may be time to replace your condensate tray. Dust and other debris can accumulate in the drainage pipe. When this happens, water will drain into your home. As the water builds up, it can attract mold and mildew. The condensate tray can also tear or crack over time. If it is damaged, it is time to call a professional for AC maintenance in Dubai.

There are several reasons why your AC system may be leaking. Most of the time, your AC is not working correctly and you need to get it checked out by an AC technician in Dubai. In some cases, this could simply be due to a clogged drain line. In other cases, your AC might not be able to expel water. In this case, you should have the system checked by an AC maintenance company in Dubai.

Reliable service provider

It is imperative to ensure that the air conditioning unit in your house is regularly serviced to maintain its proper working condition. Air conditioners should be serviced at least three times a year – during the spring and summer seasons. If you don’t take care of your air conditioner, it can break down and cause poor indoor air quality. By hiring a reliable service provider for AC maintenance in Dubai, you can be assured of the best possible service for your air conditioner.

AC duct cleaning in dubai consists of regular cleaning, inspection, and maintenance. The company usually performs inspections at least every six months, or whenever there are major changes in the system. Basic maintenance includes replacing filters, cleaning evaporator coils, and air handling devices, as well as inspecting refrigerant hoses. If refrigerant levels are low or if you have unusual temperatures, you should replace the hoses.


The price of AC maintenance in Dubai is determined by the type of unit you have and the location you live in. Window AC units are cheaper to maintain and service, and deco-split air conditioners may be serviced for less than one hundred AED. Ducted split air conditioning systems are more expensive to service and may cost as much as two hundred AED. However, the price of maintenance can be less expensive if you opt for a DIY method.

When it comes to AC maintenance, you can choose from a wide variety of companies in Dubai. Some of them offer a variety of technical services, including repairs and AC maintenance. Technicians at QEmteck Services will evaluate the parts and diagnose the cause of breakdowns. Some of these AC maintenance companies also use a brush-beast vacuum motor to remove dirt and debris. We, Will, Fix It is a popular home maintenance company in the emirate, offering a variety of AC services, including AC maintenance.


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