The Untold Secrets to Make Money With Web Scraping

Web Scraping can provide you with an enormous amount of data through which you can create value in any business.

Does that mean there is money to be made from that value? The simple answer is of course.

Providing web scraping services is a great way to make some passive income or some serious cash if you work hard enough.

The Untold Secrets to Make Money With Web Scraping

Here are some ways where you can use web scraping to make money:

  1. Create a fresh lead list

Every business requires leads. As a result, all kinds of companies and startups around the globe spend a large amount of cash to get a fresh and high-quality leads list.

But we should never buy a list of emails, mainly because it is hard to guarantee that the leads you are purchasing are legitimate but by working closely with your client you can earn some browny points.

  1. SEO

Web scraping google search results can help you conduct thorough research on an SEO strategy for your business.

Businesses scrape Google for getting insights about their website performance, page ranking, keywords, suitable backlinks, and various metrics of competitor SEO campaigns.

You can save dollars on different tools for your search engine visibility strategy when scraping google search results for your target keywords.

  1. Scrape a list of customers or leads

Following up on the previous idea why not build a list yourself after all we all have a talent or skill we can sell from programming to guitar lessons.

If you can scrape a high-quality list of potential customers then you start advertising and selling from emailing them directly to targeting them with social media ads via their audience platforms.

You can scrape a list of customers and then charge for it in multiple ways.

  1. Create a website that shows data trends

Why not try your hand at app development? This one sound quite intimidating but with web scraping, you can scrape the data you need to build a simple without the need for any coding skills.

For example, let’s say you would want to create a simple investment app that sends you an email once a stock hits a specific price value. You can scrape stock data from yahoo finance or any other business website.

  1. Uncover new market opportunities

You can use web scraping to identify new market trends and gaps in product offerings.
Let’s assume you would like to scrape data on all bicycles being sold on Amazon.

From your research, you have noticed that there is a certain price range for which all products get a low review score, for example, imagine that bicycles price from $500 to a $1000 price range, and all averaged above 3 stars in review scores.

They are getting hundreds of reviews but people are not satisfied with those products. This means that mid-range bicycles are not available in the market. You just uncovered a demand for a new product or business.

  1. Take on web scraping jobs

Why not take on real-world web scraping jobs? There are multiple companies that outsource their web scraping jobs and can offer pretty decent payouts for more complex jobs. A great place to start would be Upwork.

As you can see there are numerous ways in which you can web scrape to make money. We have not uncovered every single one of them but we are sure you can probably think of more ways to make money through web scraping.


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