Luxury Real Estate in Istanbul

The Luxury Real Estate in Istanbul is one of the most diverse areas of the Turkish real estate market. Located on two continents, it is the most populous city in Turkey. It is also a commercial, financial and tourist center. Properties for sale range from old buildings suitable for renovation to modern millionaire villas.

The Luxury Real Estate in Istanbul

But the most interesting are the rich, famous and influential waterfront properties of the world. Thanks to the common people who wanted to see behind the door as they did, these qualities were the focus of the higher society. Prices are usually not disclosed until the buyer proves his intent. And most importantly, they have money to obey.

Due to its strategic location, the Luxury Real Estate in Istanbul is one of the most important waterways in the world. This will automatically cause real estate prices to rise. However, it has also contributed to record purchase prices for real estate in the region. Under Ottoman rule, the Sultan built a palace and summer residences on the waters of the 

Luxury Real Estate in Istanbul. Anyone who sets foot in the Sultan’s social circle can buy land and build real estate. Owning a spear house in Istanbul for the elite in itself is a status symbol. They are often made of wood, and have been passed down for generations. Gorgeous 

architecture with luxurious furniture, antiques and waterfront transportation. It’s not just a historical feature. It not only shows wealth and influence. It’s a famous case of spear houses and a secret world of sales and purchases that the mainstream real estate market rarely features.

In a 2013 article, The Wall Street Journal said:

The palace was a cannonball during the reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid II. Built by the French architect Alexandre Valore for the commander Zekipasha. The Baroque palace composed of The five-story, 150-year-old is about 32,280 square feet and has a garden. 43,000 square metres, a footpath and sidewalk about 425 feet, and the owner has demanded $115 million.”

One shaft family entered our portfolio market. It’s a small property, so it only sells for £11,750,000. The price tags are far from the prices of the larger and more developed neighbours. But the features are great too. Using traditional furnishings throughout the 10-bedroom, 5-bathroom homes, there’s a frontal view of the world’s most important fjords.

Levent District: Big Business District

Luxury Real Estate in Istanbul and Architects are concerned about the growing demand for luxury one bedroom properties near the CBD due to Istanbul’s growth as a major player in the international business market. Shoppers want a clean and comfortable environment where they can relax after a long day at the office. At the same time, you have to be close to all amenities like shopping malls, gyms, spas and parking lots.

One such example is the Levent district. Featuring new open plan apartments and high demand resale skyscrapers, Levent is located in the European side of Istanbul. It is one of the main commercial districts and is home to the tallest skyscrapers in Turkey. Those looking for real estate in this region tend to be young professionals and apartments like Levent Apartments in Istanbul, which provide what they need by distracting from the stresses of modern life.

It takes in natural light and creates a feeling of openness. Floor-to-ceiling windows complement the modern look of current décor trends while providing a relaxing atmosphere. It is located in an apartment complex of 1-5 bedrooms, there is also a shopping center on site. Indoor and outdoor swimming pool Fitness center and gym Kids club Concierge services and full time security This makes everything a super business. Expert needs

Nisantasi Neighborhood: Home of Creativity

Another area that has attracted influential people is Nisanta Si, which is often considered a luxury area for artists and creatives. Both foreigners and Turks spend a lot of time abroad. It is also located on the European side of the city. The main street, Rumeli Caddesi, is a luxury shopping district with luxury brands and boutiques.

Luxury Real Estate in Istanbul: Luxury apartment in the city center for 1.5 million pounds in Istanbul. This reflects the neighborhood’s tendency to become an innovative neighborhood of Istanbul. On-site management team providing first class services such as limousine reservations. Cleanliness, maintenance of the house and banqueting complements the general public facilities of cafes, restaurants, saunas and indoor swimming pools.

Tolga Ertukule, Turkey Homes owner and real estate expert said:

“As the largest city in Turkey, the market of  Luxury Real Estate in Istanbul is very crowded, with thousands of purchases and sales every day, and due to international growth, architects and designers are struggling to keep up with the demand. Anyone looking for real estate investment in Turkey will find great deals, especially in the luxury sector, where You can see the entire Istanbul portfolio here.”

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