The need for digital literacy in education

In this modern world, digital literacy has become an important skill. Currently, the computer is a device that is being utilized by all leading industries. And digital literacy is not restricted to computer skills but also online social interaction, extracting information online, and an advanced way of engaging with people globally. Teachers have to keep up with the quickly changing digital world and sharpen their strategies and abilities to prepare the students for this modern world. Digital literacy is the skill to access, assess, make and convey information on digital stages such as mobile phones, computers and social media.

Digital literacy can provide significance in both teaching strategies and academic programs for teachers. The use of computers, different instructive software programs, and extended access to all the educational material of school to the students through the internet are all part of digital literacy. When students understand the use of technology, it will create better career opportunities for them.

Benefits of digital literacy in the classroom

Digital literacy provides awareness about accessing online digital content and teaches students to learn the credibility and authenticity of online content. When students are proficient in digital skills, they can use online nursing assignment writing service uk for academic purposes. Digital literacy improves the children’s cognitive abilities and allows them to use their critical thinking skills before any decision making and enhance social interaction while engaging on digital platforms.


Deep learning and the digital literacy

The most remarkable importance of digital literacy is profound deep learning. Digital learning can help understand the core six C of learning, which will benefit them at school and in their career.


Collaboration skills

The capacity to work cooperatively with teamwork and relational abilities while working with others is collaboration skills. It will help you to achieve your goal by collaborating with others. Digital literacy plays an important role in improving collaboration skills. But digital collaboration is slightly different from normal collaboration skills, and it includes a vast number of participants to achieve a common goal together.


Creativity skills

Strong imaginative skills are necessary to work in this digital era. And being proficient in digital literacy increase the creativity skills of the individual. Creativity skills increase when you ask an important question and do critical analysis to find the answer.


Critical thinking skills

Critical thinking is the ability to access information, distinguish connections, build significant conclusions, and then use that information in the real world. Digital skills improve critical thinking. When using digital devices, you are constantly in a situation where you have to analyze data and get its result.


Communication skills

Communication is an important tool in today’s work. Communication is the skills to convey information properly through the help of different techniques and digital tools to the vast and various listeners. Written and oral communication both are important, as we mostly communicate digitally through emails.


Character skills

Learning is an important part of life. And it will be effective with the other important character skills such as responsibility, honesty, fairness and compassion.


Citizenship skills

The capacity to think about issues on the broader level and solve them is a citizenship skill. Thinking about the community as a whole is the sign of a good citizen.


E-safety and digital literacy

E-safety is one of the important aspects of digital literacy. Today’s teenagers live in the digital world and love to connect with people worldwide and exchange information. But the vast majority of internet-based individuals lives are misshaped, which is extremely different from the real world. The digital world creates greater opportunities for criminals and bullies who do not care about ethics and morals. These individuals not only harass and bully people but also peddle fake news online. And youngsters are more prone to get affected by these online bullies. It causes serious mental problems in teenagers and also become the reason for self-harm and suicide. That is why it is important to teach students ethics in terms of digital communication. Teachers should teach students about safety and security measures while interacting on digital platforms. Students should be instructed not to share their photographs or any personal information online.


 Recognizing the fake news

Fake news has become a part of today’s world. And it is really difficult for an ordinary person to recognize the authenticity of the news. Hence, it is really important to teach children the difference between real and fake news. It is also important that the teacher himself know the difference to teach the students properly. Teachers can have a discussion in class about any article to check the credibility of the news. A teacher should also tell students how social media is the soft spot for spreading fake news. They can teach the students the difference by showing the fake and real news in the class and recognizing the fake points from the article. And always teach students to verify the source and credibility of news before believing it.


Using internet appropriately

While utilizing digital platforms, it is necessary not to let go of your morals and ethics. When benefiting from the internet for learning or entertaining purposes, it is important to use decent behaviour. Educators address the importance of values and ethics when using online platforms. And tell them not to share their personal data and images online. Even if they are sharing, it should be in a closed network of their known people.


As technology affects human lives in every possible way, that has also affected the students’ lives. Today’s generation is the children that have seen the world entering into the digital world. Teenagers look like breathing technology as air. They are also opting for digital sources for learning purposes, but it is also important to know about safety while using digital tools. And digital literacy is the only solution for that problem. While it is fun to use technology but also the difficult challenges impose by technology. With all the importance of the digital world, it is also important to create awareness about threats that come with it, and digital literacy is the only way out.

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