Siding is like armor for your house. It’s the first line of defense against everything from weather and water damage to animal damage, so it’s very important to your house’s health and stability. If it has been damaged, it needs to be fixed or replaced. This is so to keep doing its job and prevent worse and more expensive damage to your home. You can get the Local Handyman Services in Peyton CO for siding repair or replacement. Moreover, this blog post will discuss some signs that your siding needs repair.

Signs you need Local Handyman Services in Peyton CO

Hire a Handyman in Falcon CO to repair your damaged siding. They have years of experience, so they can quickly finish the job. A thorough check of your cladding should be on your annual maintenance list. Walk around the whole house and look at it closely from as many angles as possible. Read on to learn some signs that you need to fix or replace your siding soon.

Cracks or Gaps

If your cladding has cracks, gaps, or even holes, this is more than just an aesthetic problem. They can let water get inside your wall, which can build up and cause problems like rot, mold, and mildew. This kind of damage threatens the house’s structure and can also be dangerous to your health. Fixing water damage is very frustrating and can cost a lot of money. Gaps also let in pests like rats and termites, hurting your house and your family.

Increase Utility Costs

Are your heating and cooling costs going up even though you haven’t changed how much you use them? Damage to your siding could be the cause of your high energy bill if you feel cool draughts near walls and windows or coming from light switches and electrical sockets. A professional handyman can help you figure out what’s wrong. Still, if it’s your siding, replacing it with energy-efficient, insulated vinyl siding can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Rotten Wood

If you have wood siding of any kind, you need to check for signs of wood rot. It’s especially at risk because it’s out in the elements, and wood rot is a type of decay caused by a fungus that eats wood and needs a lot of moisture to start growing. Get Local Handyman Services in Peyton CO if you see these signs of wood rot on all the wood on the outside of your house:

  • Spots are darker or lighter than the rest of the wood or white, yellow, or purple.
  • Changes in the wood’s texture, like when it looks spongy, stringy, or webbed with cracks.
  • Wood breaking into cube-shaped pieces or “sawdust” (this is called “cubical fracture”).

Warping and Bulging 

This is why you should look at your cladding from different angles. It might not have holes or gaps, but some cladding can warp, making parts bulge or cup in. That’s a big warning sign that something is wrong underneath and needs to be fixed. Usually, the problem is water damage.

Interior Water Damage

Moisture damage can show up inside your home as bubbling or loose wallpaper, water stains on the walls or ceiling, peeling paint and drywall tape, or mold and mildew growth. This could be due to exterior cladding damage, even if you can’t see anything wrong from the outside. Hire a Handyman in Falcon CO because water damage is a very serious problem for many reasons, and it needs to be fixed immediately before it gets worse.

Rusty Nails or Nails That Pop

When the weather changes, many types of siding will grow or shrink. This will put stress on the nails that hold the siding in place. Strong winds could blow off pieces of your siding if these nail heads or the whole nails have come loose.

If the nails start to rust, you will probably see streaks of the same color going down the wall. This is because too much water may have gotten behind the siding and caused more rot and erosion.

Maintenance is a Hassle

Some types of cladding need more care than others. Even if there’s nothing wrong with your siding now, you might not have the time, energy, or desire to do all the maintenance work needed to keep it in good shape. If you don’t mind giving up some charm and uniqueness for a low-maintenance, easy-to-maintain option, that’s a great reason to replace the siding and stop worrying about it.

Boost the Curb Appeal

Even though this point isn’t always about damage, it can be a good reason to replace your old siding. If you want to sell your home soon, new cladding can make it look better from the street, impress potential buyers, and give you the best returns on investment. When you sell, you can expect to get back about 75% of the money you put into it.

You need to take action quickly if you notice any of these signs. Also, if you’re searching for Handyman Services near me, contact Always Junk Removal, Handyman, and Roofing Co. We have a team of skilled siding installers who will get the job done quickly and right.

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