I was again allowed to get my fingers in this fine Mercedes C-Class. The car has the most beautiful, white, mother-of-pearl paint that really gets a boost when it is ready. Stay tuned if you want to read about the way it was prepared and a little about my hatred of the car wash 🙂

How often should you get your car ready?

It’s a bit of a matter of need, wallet and options. If you are the type who goes up to your car and has it washed regularly, then a preparation every six months or a whole year can be an excellent solution. If, on the other hand, the car is a means of transport that you do not bother to spend time on, or do not have the opportunity to spend time on, then a good Klargøring af bil may be good every two or three months. Summa summarum must be that if you want to keep the value and condition of your car up, then it MUST be prepared once in a while. When you then choose to get it done, it is of course entirely up to you

The starting point

The owner of this Mercedes happily goes out of his way to keep it so it was not in bad condition at all. However, it had a lot of road film and tar stains around the paint, which of course had to be removed. Tar stains come from the road or from your undercarriage treatment. There is a slight difference in the type of tar, but otherwise it is the same way you remove them. In some cases, they can side really well and leave a small film that either needs to be polished away or removed with a clay bar. See the example above. It is not at all abnormal to have tar on the car.

If you have driven through asphalt work recently, just check the car. It can easily have a lot of tar on the underside, which will be good to get removed immediately.

What is road film / traffic film?

Road film or traffic film as someone calls it, is a sticky mixture of dirt and grime from the road, which is mixed together with the oil that the asphalt releases. On a rainy day, you have definitely experienced getting road movie on the car. The water attracts the oil and dirt, which is then thrown up on the paint by your car. It sticks to the paint, but can fortunately be easily removed again. Several manufacturers today have a remover film remover that quickly loosens it so you can wash it away. You can also use tar remover when you are still in the process of removing tar on the car. It works super well.

Wash in direct sunshine – can you do it?

As you can see in the pictures below, I washed the car in direct sunlight. I do not recommend that you start washing in sunshine if you do not have a lime treatment plant and PH neutral products. It is simply too difficult and you only risk a lot of limescale stains on the car’s paint that does not just disappear again.

I have a container with me that cleanse the water of lime. If I did not have it, it would be almost impossible to avoid limescale stains. Lime-free water is not only an advantage over the weather, but also an advantage when you mix your foam sprayers and you’re washing water. The water gives more and better foam when there is no lime in it.

If you use PH neutral products, such as your car shampoo, you will also avoid deposits of soap on the paint. Most PH neutral products can be rinsed off the varnish even if they have dried in. However, I recommend getting it rinsed off right away, but it may be possible to get it away if the neighbor suddenly wants to chat.

Some of my washing setup – the bottle cleans the water of lime

Send the neighbor home again!!!!

Now that we’re talking about the neighbor, it’s a huge NO GO that he suddenly comes and chats, in the middle of the sink. I HATE it myself. If you are in the middle of the sink and you want to make a good result, then it does not matter that wise Åge just has to stop by and tell you about when he was a pilot for the air force in the USA. He has to tell that another time 🙂

It does not have to be a science and car wash. Not at all, but it just requires a little focus once you get started. Then you can talk and admire afterwards. You only end up with limescale stains, or a bad result because you forgot where you came from.

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