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Roofing is a project you like and hate at the same time. It lies under the most fun and exciting home remodeling projects, but there are certain limits to that fun and excitement. If the roofing contractors in Harrington Park is working the way you want, it can instantly change your mood from bad to good. But if the work is vice versa, your mood can also be changed vice versa.

In this article, we will discuss the different materials which are used to make roofs and their advantages and disadvantages.

Tile Roofing

Tile roofing is the most durable and trustworthy roofing material people choose. There are many benefits of having tile roofing with only a single disadvantage which we will discuss later. But for now, let’s have a look at what tile roofing is?  Tiles roofing are of different types. There are so many types of tiles that are used for the-roofing. People opt for these roofs because tiles are eco-friendly, and they can adjust to any temperature.

That’s why they are used as a roofing material and take home the honor of being called the best roofing materials. But the only drawback is its pricing. Tile roofing is expensive. Because you have to pay for each tile, and in total, you have to pay for the number of tiles required for the roofing, it becomes a huge number when it comes to covering the roof with tiles. Apart from this, tile is the best material out there not only in terms of durability but also in terms of beauty and eco-friendliness.

Clay Tile

Clay tile is a type of tile that is a lump of natural clay. Many people call it earthen clay as it is made of natural clay we find around ourselves 24/7. This type of tile is used to create a design which is known as interlocked design. This design is very famous for the clay tile.  As we have mentioned above, tile roofing is the best material out there as it can last more than 100 years.

Concrete Tile

They don’t need any introduction because their name depicts their durability and longevity. Concrete is a term that is used to refer to something which can last longer and is a stringer.  But in tiles, the word concrete is the name of the material with which these tiles are made. Many people like concrete tiles in the shape of shingles, and some people like their concrete tiles in the condition of interlocked and semi folded form. Sometimes roofing contractors in Harrington Park glazed them and sometimes left them unglazed according to the homeowners’ preferences.

Now coming back to the drawback. The only drawback, or you can call the disadvantage, of tile roofing is its cost. It is costly to be used as a roof. Apart from its cost and price, there is nothing wrong with tile roofing.

Metal Shingles

Metal shingles are the most commonly used roofing type. It is used for the unique properties metal has. But there are some drawbacks and disadvantages as well. There are two types of metal shingles used by homeowners. Aluminum shingles and steel shingles. We all know that aluminum and steel belong to the family of metals which is why metal shingles are named as metal shingles. People like wood shingles as they look pretty and enhance your house’s look but would have some other drawbacks.

The areas where there is a lot of humidity or moisture wood shingles are not a good option out there. So what people do is they use metal shingles and shape them as wood shingles so that they can look more pretty as the look of wood shingles and durable as metal shingles. An approx. life of metal shingles is 30-45 years. After that, you need to change them with other roofing materials.

The drawback of metal shingles is that they only last 30-45 years, and after that, you have to change them. They are not as durable as tiles but can give your house a neat and tidy look.

Wood Shingles

Wood shingles are known as the prettiest roofing out there. Any roof which has wood shingles can easily pull off the look of the house without any final tough or any makeover. The only drawback of wood roofing is that it will not survive in these areas where there is a good amount of moisture and humidity. Wood roofing is for those areas that are far away from the moisture humidity. Because both of them kill the wood internally and externally, always keep in mind to pre-search for the materials, you’re going to use for your roof.

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