LogStare and A10 Networks, subsidiaries of IT security company SecuAvail, will hold a free online webinar on February 16, 2022, “Realizing Safe and Comfortable Cloud Service Utilization for Education.” Target people are local government officials, etc.

As digital education using DX progresses, various issues such as “the opacity of terminal utilization status” and “expanding school network communication volume” have become apparent as an “after school”, and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology has newly announced. Promote “School Management Support Center Development Project”. Webinars will be carried out with the theme of grasping the current situation (network inspection) and emergency response, which are indispensable for this project.

Speeding up Internet communication based mainly on the cases and know-how of both companies, Web access analysis of school terminals, normality/performance monitoring of systems including networks, visualization of usage status/issues by logs, network traffic load by cloud use Introducing a collaborative solution between the two companies that provides a comfortable, safe, and stable cloud environment, such as mitigation.

The log management and system

The program consists of two parts. In the first part, Kentaro Ishizuka, Solutions Architect of A10 Networks’ Business Development Headquarters, will be on stage on A10 Networks’ educational and public solutions. In the second part, Mr. Tomoyuki Horino, Director and CTO of LogStare, will introduce the log management and system monitoring solution at After School. In particular, it is recommended for those who are considering the renewal of the school affairs system, which is troubled by the load on the learning network, and who want to realize a secure cloud environment in the local government.

The webinar will be held online on February 16th from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm. The target person is an integrator who makes proposals to local government officials or local governments. Advance application system.

A common understanding of digital citizenship

The Educational ICT Issues Countermeasures Subcommittee of Japan. But Educational Information Promotion Association hold an online seminar. Because Aiming for a Common Understanding of Digital Citizenship in the School Era-As. A Companion to Foster Good ICT Users” hold on January 29, 2022. Is archive.

In the online seminar “Aiming for a common understanding of digital citizenship in the school era”, teachers who have practiced under the theme of “digital citizenship education premised on cooperation with the home” will appear. About the introduction of learning terminals for each person, it has become clearer how the children have overcome the differences in perceptions with their parents regarding how to use the terminals they brought back, and how they have solved different problems depending on the developmental stage. Discuss what the issues are.

Rules for using terminals

On February 1, 2022, Digital Arts announce that it has released the rules for using terminals, And which were considere by students of Settsu Municipal No. 2 Junior High School. And Settsu Municipal No. 4 Junior High School in Osaka Prefecture.

Digital Arts considers that it is important for students who use the terminal to face the challenges of use, not from the manager’s point of view, and from July to October 2021, Settsu Municipal No. 2 Junior High School and Settsu Municipal No. 4 Junior High School. A rule-making class is hold for second-year junior high school students to think about the rules for using terminals. We have posted a PDF on our website that introduces suggestions for usage rules using SNS filtering devised by the students in this class.

In the first class, we will learn about “the danger of the Internet” such as the leakage of personal information by posting videos and SNS, discuss the second class, think about moral and filtering settings, and think about the rules for using terminals. I gave a presentation.

In class, students want to use YouTube for practical learning such as home economics. Twitter can get real-time information by studying research, etc. So specific reasons why you want to use YouTube and Twitter for learning are Indicate. There was also an opinion that the difference between URLs that are blocke by filtering. And URLs that are not blocke are not clear.

Filtering is related to learning in Digital Arts

Based on these opinions, when I thought about how to use it safely. I found specific methods such as consulting with a teacher and using filtering. So filtering is related to learning in Digital Arts. Introduced that it is possible to control such as allowing only videos and only browsing Twitter and blocking writing.

Regarding the operation of terminals, from the perspective of managers such as schools. And boards of education, SNS such as YouTube and Twitter tend to block all at once. But as students say, YouTube and Twitter are also learning. You can learn more deeply by using it. In the class, the students themselves were able to think about how to deal with it by delving into it. The parts necessary for learning and their purposes and clarifying the tasks.

Digital Arts needs to continue to build usage rules while discussing with students at school, and at the same time, when creating rules, which websites are allowed or blocked, YouTube and SNS I think that filtering that can be flexibly specified, such as how to control it, will become very important.

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