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All business owners and managers want to control their employees more effectively through maximum influence and management. Employee monitoring software is the best tool to give your business the control and influence that it deserves. Here, we explain the best employee monitoring software system by exploring some significant features and discussing the benefits for a business in the 21st century.

Getting the maximum from all of your employees by monitoring computer activities determines the success of a company. As a business owner, engaging all the employees through employee monitoring system software can boost your business. It becomes more significant in the case of having more than 100 employees in the organization.

Why do employers need monitoring?

Overall, the labor cost percentages are about 20 to 35% of gross sales. It means that companies spend a lot to engage the most skillful individuals from the market. The best employee monitoring software helps increase their productivity levels. When it happens, the companies remain competitive and increase their profits.

  • However, technology has opened new windows for the employees to be distracted.
  •  A recent survey tells us a whole story. According to this survey, more than 66% of the total employees confirm that they regularly visit their social media pages during office hours. 
  • Furthermore, some 19% of the employees told the surveyors that they spent about 15 minutes in these activities.
  • 17% of the employees spend about 30 minutes using social media and other websites of personal interests. 
  • About 20% of these employees spend an hour during office timings to explore websites and social media pages of their personal interest.
  • Here, we need to mention that if 20% of 100 employees waste an hour in these unproductive activities, the total wasted hours will be 2.5% on a particular day. 
  • When we include all the employees in this calculation, the percentage can be around 4%. It is huge and can affect productivity drastically.

Understanding Employee Monitoring Software

Therefore, the experts recommend the best employee monitoring software system. Basically, it is a tool that has many digital solutions. It helps employers, business managers, and the HR department monitor the computer activities of all the employees and observe their performance during office hours. You can use this monitoring tool according to your company’s requirements and workforce environment. When employees are monitored, they focus more on productive activities that improve their overall performance and productivity. More importantly, the companies can secure their confidential and sensitive data more efficiently. Employers can also avoid data tampering by using employee monitoring software.

In essence, with the best employee monitoring system software, tracking employee activities becomes easier and more convenient. These tools also help monitor remote employees on the clock. So, the system becomes more transparent and accountable that helps improve operations in which employees are involved.

Key purposes of employee monitoring software system

An employee monitoring software is equipped with many capabilities and features that make this monitoring tool an advantage. These features help you develop an employee management strategy and integrate it with company policies. For example, an employee monitoring system software can also manage the attendance and timings of all employees according to company policy. In this way, the employees can complete their tasks within the assigned time and according to the agreed payments.

Now, let us go through some important purposes of using the best employee monitoring system software!

It increases your capabilities to manage tasks effectively.

It means that the managers can monitor which employees are working on which task at any given time. They can also set target limits and deadlines to keep the workforce busy and staying on task.

It develops timesheets.

You can observe employees’ timings more comprehensively to monitor their productivity in office timings. So, you can also adopt these timesheets to monitor a dedicated project assigned to specific employees and their performance accordingly.

You can also track your employees with employee monitoring system software.

The monitoring tools are equipped with GPS to track your marketing and sales teams and other employees who are out of the office to complete fieldwork. In this way, you can control the parties that your employees attend during office hours.

Evaluation becomes easier with employee monitoring software.

With the best employee monitoring system software, you also get analytic tools that help you generate reports and evaluate productivity. This purpose of using monitoring software helps identify weak links in your workforce and improve these links with continuous training. It means that you can improve your current employees through training or hiring more competitive and competent employees.

Productivity monitoring software generates alerts to protect confidential data.

Many companies need to protect confidential and sensitive data even from their employees. With the best employee monitoring software system, you receive alerts if an unauthorized individual, system, or group tries to access confidential data. So, you can protect your sensitive data more efficiently.

Some monitoring tools also offer stealth mode tracking.

Some monitoring tools also provide an opportunity for employers to monitor the computer activities of employees without informing them. It can be illegal in some countries. However, you can use this tool to get the performance insight of all the employees if the law permits you.

To avoid any legal circumstances, we want to recommend you develop confidence about employee monitoring apps. For that, some of their representatives should be included in the decision-making body. If they are on board while deciding on choosing the best employee monitoring software system, they can be confident that no monitoring tool can violate their right to privacy according to the law. So, taking every employee in confidence helps utilize stealth mode tracking and monitor the performance of all employees more effectively.

The advantages of using an employee monitoring software system

Some of the very important advantages can also be availed with the help of monitoring tools. We have mentioned the most significant advantages here to help you make the decision accordingly.

  • The best employee monitoring software system has changed the whole concept of employee monitoring in the world. 
  • When employees are informed that they will be monitored, they start improving their performance and reducing procrastination. 
  • However, it is not the only advantage you get when implementing employee monitoring software. 
  • The second benefit of employee monitoring software is very important for the management. 
  • You can get important analytical data with monitoring tools to observe productivity levels that an employee should achieve. 
  • With that, you can also get the reasons that can affect performance. 
  • An employee monitoring software system also keeps you informed about new tools you have incorporated for evaluation purposes.
  • With the best employee monitoring software system, you get information about your actual requirements related to the workforce.
  • So, you can fill the gap if any by hiring more competent employees.
  • You can identify these gaps with the help of employee monitoring software. You can utilize your best employees to complete the most important tasks. 
  • Identifying the best employees is possible only when you monitor computer activities with software.


Lastly, reducing workload over the administration is a huge plus while using employee monitoring software. Now, the managers can keep themselves busy with more productive tasks and leave tedious employee evaluations for the best employee monitoring software system.

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