With the pandemic still looming over the world, New Year’s Celebration has found revised ways. Many people are choosing to stay home to avoid crowds and overwhelming human encounters fearing the worst. But avoiding outdoor celebrations doesn’t mean one is forced to sit tight in his/her home buried in work. There are a lot of ways to have fun while staying at home. Muted celebrations are fun and are mostly becoming popular since 2020 after covid 19 forced people to sit behind closed doors. While people around the globe are trying to make peace with the virus while watching their back, many have come up with amazing ideas to have a remarkable indoor celebration. Here are a few indoor celebration suggestions for those who are planning to stay home this New Year’s Eve. This list won’t disappoint people looking to have fun in simple yet mind-boggling ways.

Arrange a virtual party

Who said staying indoors rules out the option of partying? Arrange a virtual party with your friend.  Let there be food, music, games and much more. Dress up like you are going to slay every obstacle with your enthusiasm and positivity. Make sure you invite like-minded people who don’t mind engaging in a happening gathering from behind the screen.

Order a new year cake and decorate the interior

Order a delightful New Year themed cake from the online cake store and decorate your rooms with lights and candles to welcome the new year with a positive vibe.

Have fun with the Online game session

Pubg, free fire or among us, doesn’t matter what you are good at, organise a group online game session and celebrate New Year’s Eve by levelling up your gaming skills with pro friends.

Connect with stranded family & friends

It is a good thing to care. Don’t shy away from making the first move. Ring up your stranded family and friends or maybe connect via zoom calls.

Make exceptional cocktails at home

Can’t get over rejuvenating drinks and cocktails? Make them at home and feel free to add twists with improvised recipes.

Plan a  sleepover in the hall

You can’t be too old for a sleepover!  Plan a couch party followed by a sleepover at your place. Order in to avoid the stress of cleaning up later the next day.

Watch comical series and movies with friends

Is binge-watching your new favourite pastime? Do share your movies and series preferences with your friends as you plan to spend the day inside watching classic comedies.

Buy a flashy new year outfit

Buy yourself a stunning outfit even if you have plans to stay indoors to avoid the enthusiastic crowd. Dress up for yourself.

Make a scrapbook with photos of 2021

What can be the best way of recollecting the memories of the last twelve months other than making a fun scrapbook with nice photos, picture cut-outs, stickers and quotes?

Note down lessons learnt from the entire year

Start the New Year’s Journal a day before by writing down lessons learned from the bygone year. This could be a way of looking back at the events optimistically.

Make achievable new year’s resolution

Resolutions should help us grow as an individual. Extremely intense resolutions can break morals as they are bound to go unfulfilled. Give yourself productive challenges in the form of achievable new year resolutions.

Creating your own photo booth

Photo booths are becoming increasingly popular as a means of commemorating special occasions. It’s a terrific idea to set up your own photo booth and take a few memorable photos.

Take part in a karaoke night

People who enjoy singing should check this one out. Put on some up-to-date music and get the party started.

Netflix and a Chill

It’s a good idea to do that. Having a movie night with friends or family and watching an old favourite or a new release. There is no other way to put it than this.

Make a Lot of Snacks Available

Even if you don’t have a large group of people to feed on New Year’s Eve, delicious cuisine is an essential. Serve Christmas snacks for two or make enough for a long gathering. What is the one item you can’t go wrong with? A sweet or savoury charcuterie board.

Dance it out

Let your body relax with feet tickling tunes as you dance your way into the brand new calendar year.

Make the Best Cocktails Possible

You’ll save money by not having to stand in line for an overpriced drink by celebrating at home. Make sure you have all of your favourite liquors, beers, wines, and mixers on hand for when the time comes. It’s time to make some festive cocktails (like this Sparkling Christmas Party Punch) or prepare your favourite drink. Make a nice mocktail if you don’t want to consume alcohol. Keep a drink of your choice on hand for the evening.

Raise a toast

Raise a glass to the goodwill of the people you love. Just like you order cake online, rely on web stores to get hassle-free home delivery of quality liquor.

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