Macchina laser per incision

Macchina laser per incision checking and coding is a non-contact printing technique that imprints or etches top notch 1D and 2D bar standardized tags, different lines of message, cluster numbers, part codes, logos, and more on items to give item data, recognizable proof, and detectability data.Laser markers offer benefits over other numerous other coding advances including a superb imprint quality, changelessness, and less consumables. The Swell line of laser stamping machines incorporates CO2 laser markers, fiber laser markers and UV laser markers in various power results to address a scope of substrates and applications. Also, Swell offers a total arrangement of laser embellishments including focal points and shaft going units to work on incorporation into creation lines and expand the laser’s exhibition.

Co2 Laser Printer

The new CO2 laser coding machine is a profoundly coordinated, reduced, simple to-work, minimal expense laser coding framework to utilize and keep up with. It isn’t just appropriate for straightforward stamping and coding applications in the container, food, and drug businesses, yet in addition entirely reasonable for denoting the creation date in the refreshment business, and is advanced for use in the drink business.

Handheld Inkjet Machine

Handheld inkjet printer is the most developed innovation in view of its broad application, mature innovation and long assistance life.Through TIJ inkjet innovation, we can print the designs in the briefest time and finish the fine checking process.Handheld upholds or redid creation line frill can be arranged by client requirements.It can consequently stamp information, chronic number bar code.It can be utilized for information correspondence and systems administration, and backing on the web variable information printing.

Uv Laser Printer

The new UV laser code printer is an exceptionally coordinated, minimal, simple to work and modest to utilize and keep up with. Not just reasonable for straightforward checking code uses of medical services items, containers, and plastics, yet in addition entirely appropriate for stamping on HDPE materials

Fiber Laser Printer

Low upkeep beat fiber laser coding machine is more modest, more useful and less support than comparable strong state checking systems.This laser coding framework is truly reasonable for printing high-contrast codes on plastic materials, or for ideal stamping on plastic movies that require exact control of intensity to keep away from harm by constant lasers


  1. ✅High Engraving Speed and Accuracy: The PC controlled laser bar can move at fast (500mm each second), and the etching system can be finished in minutes. The base width of the score line up to 0.1 mm.
  2. ✅Plug and Play: The HomdMarket K5 etcher is a passage level laser etcher for fledglings, so the product is uncommonly planned, basic and simple to utilize, free establishment, plug the USB connector into your PC framework and you are all set beginning your laser etching story!
  3. ✅Wide scope of uses: The HomdMarket Mini laser etcher is an incredible apparatus on the off chance that you want to imprint wood, MDF, elastic, cardboard, cowhide and different materials of comparable hardness. Can’t imprint glass, stone, metal, straightforward or intelligent material.
  4. ✅1 year guarantee: We give 1 year guarantee to this machine, a year guarantee and free extra parts supply during this period. We have been occupied with laser etcher and cnc machine fabricating industry for a considerable length of time, having a gathering of experienced specialists to assist you with tackling any issues you experience while utilizing this machine.

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