Are you tired of pesky bugs invading your home? Do you hate using chemical-laden sprays to keep them away? After hosting an event where friends are coming in and out of your home, do you dread the thought of having to sweep out a bunch of dead bugs from your doorway? If so, it might be time to ditch the traditional screen and try out a magnetic screen.

Look no further than a magnetic screen door for a natural and effective solution. A magnetic screen has tons of benefits such as keeping bugs out, easy access in and out of the house, increasing air flow, and simple installation! With a magnetic screen, there’s no more need for unsightly, sticky fly catchers by your doors. You can get rid or your fly swatter as well! The magnetic screen door uses small magnets along the edges to create a seal, keeping bugs out while also allowing for easy human entry and exit. Plus, the mesh material allows for a nice breeze to flow through your home. Don’t let bugs ruin your summer barbecues or cozy fall evenings – invest in a magnetic screen door and enjoy a bug-free environment.

Keep Bugs Out of Your Home 

Bugs won’t stand a chance against the powerful magnets that keep the screen securely closed. These doors are made with mesh material and feature small magnets along the edges. When you open the door, the magnets automatically part to let you pass through, but quickly close behind you to prevent any bugs from sneaking in. The high quality magnets provide a tight seal to ensure no bugs can squeeze their way through. Bugs can’t manipulate their way in, leaving you with a peaceful and bug-free environment.

Easy Access For You and Guests

Though the screen is a tough defense for bugs, you don’t have to worry about it causing problems for you. You can access the inside and outside of your home with ease. The magnetic screen easily opens with just a gentle push, and will instantly close behind you thanks to its convenient Auto-Close feature. You can trust that the screen will shut behind you. When hosting, you can walk right through the magnetic screen even when your hands are full of treats for your guests.

Likewise, there is no need to worry about opening and closing the door for guests and fearing the bugs that will follow. With the magnetic screen, your guests simply walk through the screen door like normal and they can enjoy the inside of your house without fumbling with the door handle or tracking pesky bugs in. Now you can host outdoor events and keep your home open for easy access to the kitchen, bathroom – no bugs invited. Stop letting bugs ruin your summer fun and try out a magnetic screen door.

Increase Airflow, But Not Bug Flow 

Not only do magnetic screen doors keep bugs out, they also increase airflow in your home. The mesh material allows for a nice breeze to flow through, making it a great alternative to traditional screens during the warm summer months. You can open up your doors and turn off the air conditioner, and you won’t have to worry about bugs coming in with the breeze! The fresh air will flow freely through your home, creating a comfortable environment for you and your family. No more need to choose between fresh air and keeping bugs out – a magnetic screen door has got you covered. You can enjoy a fresh summer breeze without the onslaught of summer bugs.

Easy Installation

Not only are these screen doors convenient for indoor and outdoor fun, but are also a breeze to install. Traditional screen doors require the use of tools, screws, and possibly even a drill. Magnetic screen doors can be easily installed in just minutes! This makes them a great option for renters or those who don’t want to deal with any hassle or mess during installation. No need to hire professional help or spend hours trying to figure out the mechanics of a screen door – just stick on the adhesive strips and you’re good to go. Most options come with Velcro strips that adhere to your door frame, making set-up a breeze. The screens are easily removable as well, making them a great option for those who want the convenience of a screen door without permanently altering their doorway.

Don’t let bugs ruin your summer barbecues or cozy fall evenings – invest in a magnetic screen door. In minutes you can enjoy a bug-free environment, hands-free access in and out of your home, improved air flow, and easy installation. There’s no better way to keep the bugs out and let the fresh air in. Say goodbye to flies buzzing around your head and say hello to a bug-free haven with a magnetic screen door.

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