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Various complaints were made to the school. How should the teacher respond to complaints from parents and the community? We asked Mr. Kuniaki Suzuki, who has a wealth of experience as a class teacher, about the points when dealing with various complaints sent to the school. The 79th theme is “School lessons are boring, cram school lessons of IT education are more interesting”.

“Classes” that take up most of the time at school

Half a month has pass since the beginning of the new year. I think it’s time to get used to the new group little by little. As you get used to it, you will also be able to see something like the true intentions of your child or parent.

Various educational activities are carry out at the school. Among them, the one that spends the most time is ” class “. A typical elementary school student looks like this: Children who go to school at 8 am for IT education and leave school at 3 pm will be at school for 7 hours. Of these, if you take 45 minutes 6 times, the class time will be 270 minutes (4 hours 30 minutes). It takes about two-thirds of the time at school.

Complaints are a good chance of improvement

It is a “class” that takes a lot of time and the content is important. Opinions such as “boring” and “the cram school are more interesting” may reach the school. When these opinions arrive, the school is a good opportunity for improvement. I would like to hear much about the situation. It is very useful for improving by asking what kind of thing it is, whether it is a one-time thing or a daily thing.

If the various efforts of the school (especially the division of school affairs of teachers) are too busy to prepare for classes, it is desirable to improve them. The new coronavirus has changed the way schools should be. The GIGA school concept has brought about major changes in learning styles. At such timing, I think it is an opportunity to reconsider the school (how the faculty and staff work) and change it to the desired form.

Schools should get better

When changing, if it is “school level” or “grade level”, we can change it only by our judgment. The school (principal) has many powers (decision powers). Schools should get better as long as we quit the long-standing “side-by-side” principle from the Showa era.

Also, when it comes to “grade level”, there are many things that only need to be discusse within the grade. How to use the tablet / PC in class, how to do homework, etc. may be decide by the grade. I would like to change to working on such a part because it is “really necessary for learning” rather than “I was doing it so far”.

I am currently involved in teacher training at a university education for girls. We have a close relationship with the school site and visit many schools. Get i the impression that the school will change a lot with just one idea of ​​the principal. In Korona-ka, there are schools where children and faculty members are active. Some schools see corona as a good opportunity and are constantly changing for the better. I think that such expressions often apply to schools in Korona.

The consultations sent to the school

This project accepts questions from readers. Please click the button below and submit from the form displayed. In addition to the consultations sent to the school, we are looking for consultation cases that parents would like to ask Mr. Suzuki about how to respond to, such as consultations that the parents gave to the school.

Graduated from Tokyo Gakugei University Faculty of Education Elementary School Teacher Training Course Science Specialization. In 2017, she completed the Life Health Science Program at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The Open University of Japan. She has worked as an elementary school teacher for 22 years in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, and Fukaya City, Saitama Prefecture.

Many activities such as the Children’s Environmental

While she is engaging in teaching children as a field teacher, she has publish many research papers on the themes of kindergarten cooperation and practical education. She is also involve in many activities such as the Children’s Environmental Society and the Japan Children’s Society. She will be a specially appointe lecturer at Odawara Junior College from April 2017, she will be a lecturer at Teikyo Heisei University from April 2018, and she will be an elementary school teacher, kindergarten teacher, and nursery teacher, etc. who will support the future of children. Engage in training and guidance.

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