It is known to everyone that if your lover is healthy, there are very less chances that you might suffer from liver disease. If unfortunately, you are a patient with liver disease then it is wise to stay away from bad habits and opt for healthy food choices in order to maintain the healthy body weight and strength needed to fight the liver disease.

According to the best liver specialist in Islamabad, one should change their food choices depending upon the type of liver disease that they have. For example, a person suffering from cirrhosis may need a special diet. Some people with issues in their liver lose their appetite completely and hence are needed to be shifted to a special diet. 

A Balanced Diet

You need to have the best combination of foods and a great balance between the nutrients that you are consuming. Make sure to maintain a balance between the foods and drinks that you are having. For most people staying healthy with liver disease is manage well when only a difference in the diet.

A balanced diet doesn’t always mean stopping yourself from consuming certain foods. It means that you eat and drink healthy and are keeping a good balance. It is not necessary to consume all the food that you have. Make sure to eat vegetables only if you are a vegetarian and do go for vegan food if you follow a vegan diet.

You should keep it in mind that the nutritional needs of the body are fully depending on the severity of the liver disease. If you are unwell for a very long time or are losing weight constantly, then make sure that you eat a balanced diet to keep yourself healthy. 

The Impact of Food You Eat

One should consume food to power the body, providing it the energy and the material it needs to repair itself. When the food break down in the body, it breaks down into three main nutrients:

  • Fat
  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein

These nutrients then get absorbed in the blood and are carried to the liver. Then the nutrients get absorb in the liver and change in a way that the body uses them all at once. The liver at the same time puts in the effort to detoxify the unneeded substances that can harm the body pretty badly. These can be any substance and some of the waste products of the body.

If you are suffering from any liver disease then you must feel issues with all of these functions. 

Keeping to a Healthy Weight

Some liver diseases occur and start building up fat in the liver. This can lead to a disease called NAFLD (Non-Alcoholic Related Fatty Liver Disease). If the fat deposits keep on accumulating in the liver, then there are high chances that your liver might get damage.

A lot of people are prone to NAFLD when they consume unhealthy foods and are overweight or obese. Obesity can also be a reason behind prolonged hepatitis C. However this can be tested easily by getting an HCV RNA quantitative test and the HCV RNA quantitative test price in Pakistan is also quite reasonable. So it is very important to keep a healthy weight. For this, you need to keep a balance between the energy you need and also the food that you consume. 

If you eat more than you consume your energy then there are high chances of you gaining more weight and getting more prone to liver diseases.

There are two ways that one can use to shift the balance between the calories and lose weight. One is to eat a balanced diet and the other one is to stay physically active.

Losing weight can be a great challenge and seem very hard but it is important to take one step at a time. It gets easy to take little steps and can be easily if you give yourself the right space and time.

Maintaining a healthy weight also depends a lot on the gender, if you are a man or a woman. It also matters what age are you, then comes your current weight and the muscle mass that you have. The most important thing that matters here is how much physically active you are. if a healthy person (man) consumes around 2500 calories in a day and a woman consumes around 2000 calories a day.

So, keeping a check on your calories and maintaining a healthy weight can help you a lot in maintaining a healthy weight and hence a healthier liver. 


The liver is a very important organ of the body as it helps the body stay away from all the toxins. If it keep healthy, it gets way easier to stay away from all the deadly liver diseases. In case of any emergency, make sure that you visit a liver specialist in time before it is too late.

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