Top 6 ways to boost engagement using Instagram Stickers


Instagram has made significant strides in its meeting since it launched the Swipe Up feature on Instagram Stories in 2017. Today, users can decorate their Stories with a range of Instagram Stickers, ranging from questions or quizzes to countdowns and product labels (we’ve had the opportunity to add some Bob Ross gifs into the mix).


Stickers on your stories don’t just improve their appeal, making them visually appealing and enjoyable for your followers. They also signal that your brand is up with the times and dedicated to providing your customers with the best experience possible.


Read on for seven ways your company can profit from Instagram Stickers to boost engagement check now and keep customers coming back.


  1. Sell your products

The most exciting and valuable thing is that Instagram stickers let brands sell their products by using products with stickers. Businesses with accounts on eCommerce can use these unique stickers to mark the particular product that they are selling to ensure that customers can purchase the product directly on Instagram.

Forever 21 recently shared numerous new clothing items with its followers and used Instagram stickers to let followers decide which ones they liked best. Each video and image also included prominent product labels, which meant Instagrammers could shop for the outfits they liked.

However, they’re not the only method to promote buying on your Stories click here You can also employ poll stickers to increase the hype around the product and direct users to the website for the item with Swipe Up. Swipe Up is similar to Buffy, a bedding brand Buffy does in the illustration above.


  1. Gather feedback and gather audience insight

Customer feedback is so vital that some brands change their strategies in response to customers’ input. Also, Instagram Stickers are a simple way to gather information from your followers.

Utilize the sticker with questions to inquire customers about their passions or concerns. For instance, a cosmetic company could ask its fans, “What’s your top concern about your skin?”

An Instagram post from the past that was shared by beauty brand Philosophy asked its followers to share the fashion trends they’re trying out the latest trends in beauty, which will surely give members of the Philosophy team valuable information regarding its customers and inspire potential product ideas.

Brands can also use polls to gain insight into their customers and pinpoint the kind of content and merchandise their customers are keen on. You can accomplish this by asking questions such as “Should we host an AMA or a behind-the-scenes Instagram Live?” or “Which one of these T-shirt designs do you like best?”

In the above example, the clothing retailer Anthropologie requested its followers to weigh in on its latest items and then let them choose their top designs for a range of accessories and clothing.

In this instance, Lululemon’s athletic clothing retailer uses Instagram stickers to solicit feedback from its customers. After the conclusion of its initial book club meeting, Lululemon is looking for ways to improve its customer experience that will keep more followers to join in.


  1. Hype-up products, events, or even events

For the most faithful customers, you have been following your social media accounts, counting down stickers is easy to ensure your fans are aware of your company.

These Instagram stickers help to tease the release of a new product, announce the event, and much more by counting the days, minutes, and seconds to the big announcement.

However, they don’t need to be solely used for major announcements. Numerous brands, including REI, Milk Makeup, and Lively, use countdown stickers to hint at coming Instagram Live events, providing users with fun reminders to keep on their calendars so that they aren’t missing out.

Question stickers can be used to increase excitement and create buzz around events by permitting followers to ask questions before the Q&A session.


  1. Instruct your customers

Instagram Stickers offer a variety of opportunities for brands to inform their followers as a fundamental element of building communities and increasing brand loyalty. Informing consumers about your business and how its products fulfill specific needs will help your followers understand the value your brand adds to the market and social media.

For instance, National Geographic’s Instagram account regularly includes quizzes to keep its followers entertained and help them understand various issues, including animal behavior and conservation initiatives. 

Brands can also benefit from educational opportunities to promote their products, such as Sephora did on the Instagram poll below. Although many people consider sunscreen to be something for the summer months, Sephora surveyed its followers on their opinions before addressing the importance of wearing sunscreen regularly, regardless of year, and even offering specific sunscreen products.


  1. Support a cause

Instagram Stickers are also a great way to aid a cause or charity. An organization that will benefit the general good and the perception of your brand.

It could be as easy as placing a mention sticker on the label of the account you’re advertising, similar to what Gucci shares when they share the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization.

Brands may also be creative and utilize polls, queries, and countdown stickers to promote the cause. For example, the non-profit New Story raised questions in its Stories, asking its followers how many people have lost their jobs recently and need help paying rent.

The cosmetics firm NYX Professional Makeup recently used an ad-hoc countdown sticker to notify customers of its live shopping event to benefit the LA LGBT Center.

Additionally, as part of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Instagram has introduced three new stickers:

  • The Stay Home sticker.
  • The Thank.
  • You sticker for healthcare workers.
  • The Support Small Business sticker (illustrated above) lets Instagram users know which small-scale businesses they like.


  1. Delight your audience

Instagram stickers can also make your feed more fun for your followers. Look up the clever bakery Milk Bar on one of its most recent Instagram Stories. The bakery employed emoji sliders, polls, and quizzes to interact with its followers and showcase its delicious desserts.

Being playful by using Instagram stickers like these show your customers that your brand isn’t posting on social media solely to advertise itself or sell products. Your brand and the people who run the brand are here to have fun.


Make your own Instagram Stickers by using Instagram Stickers 


They can be a crucial element of your social marketing strategies, allowing your company to not only boost engagement but also increase conversions and traffic and increase brand awareness and create social proof.

Get the most value out of the Stories you share by adding polls, questions, countdowns, and various Instagram stickers as a regular feature to your Story.


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