You can’t remember the last time you had sex with your partner. The most scintillating conversations that you have had were about the chocolate lava cake.

Perhaps the intimacy got lost when you had the baby, or maybe is it because your lives got busy that sex went on the back bench. None of you had the energy to have an active sex life. Maybe, there was no spark to begin with and the lack of sex life is thus not a surprise

If that is something that you can relate to, you need to take urgent steps at mitigating the situation, including seeking help from an expert like the best sexologist in Islamabad. Having a healthy sex life is vital, and lack thereof has serious implications on not just your relationship, but mental and physical health as well.

Impact of lack of sexual intimacy in your marriage

Happiness, rather, lack thereof

Sex has a great impact on your mental health. It helps in distressing, aids in feeling pleasure, relaxes the mind and the body, and promotes happiness overall.

However, when there is a lack of sex, there is also a lack of happiness. The stress and tension run amok in the body, leading to poor disposition as well.

Lack of love

Sex makes you feel valued and loved. When there is not sexual outlet in your marriage, it makes you feel less wanted and loved. This may lead to mounting stress levels.

Furthermore, it may also morph into resentment for your partner. As the emotions take a downward spiral, you might also then lash out and become hot-tempered.

On the flip side, the lack of love may make you yearn so bad for it, you might settle for any small morsels that you partner sends your way. This gives them a lot of control over you and can lead to manipulation.

Lesser confidence

The lack of active sex life, especially when you’re not the one entirely responsible for the dry spell, can wreak havoc on your confidence level. It may lead to the feeling of inadequacy.

Naturally, everyone wants to feel desired, and the since sex is the epitome of desire, the lack thereon then cause the self-esteem to plummet.Naturally, everyone wants to feel desired, and the since sex is the epitome of desire, the lack thereon then cause the self-esteem to plummet.

May morph into lack of intimacy overall

Intimacy is not just about having sex, but there is also an emotional aspect to it, which is rather important. Everyone needs a confidant; someone they can talk to and bare their soul to. And when there is no physical charm, you might then drift apart, leading to lack of intimacy overall.

Marriage becomes platonic

When there is no physical element to your marriage, it then tends to become platonic. All you and your partner end up doing is sharing chores, looking after the house and the children, and taking care of the necessary things.

Unfortunately, this is not a healthy perception of marriage. Who does one then turn to when they have physical needs? Who does one go to when they want to confide about something?

Marriage is something more than a platonic relationship. And the lack of sex may also then pave way to the realization that the marriage is not working.

In keeping with seducing your wife, let her know that you want to fulfill her fantasies. It may take your wife a few times to open up about what she likes or fantasizes about sexually, but the information will likely come out soon. Give it your all to fulfill your wife’s sexual fantasies. It is also important to note that afterwards is the perfect time to share your fantasies and sexual desires with your wife. In end, you may all end up being much more pleased.

As you can see, there are a number of different ways that you can go about improving the intimacy in your relationship. Please remember, however, that you want to get started in someplace other than the bedroom. Sex in a marriage is about more and should be more than just the act itself. Taking the time to date and compliment your wife will more than pay off in the end.

Physical health suffers

There are a lot of physical benefits of sex as well. Sex helps in destressing, aids in better sleep, helps the heart, eases tension from the body, improves immunity, makes headaches better, is a good form of exercise. So, when you deprive the body of sex, you also then deprive it of the benefits of sex.

Family suffers

Sex is an important part of marriage, and lack thereof then leads to a dysfunctional relationship that then has implications for your children and family life otherwise.

Therefore, if you both are vested in saving your relationship, then consult an expert like sexologist in Rawalpindi for to salvage your marriage.