ij.start.canon pixma ip8720 set up

ij.start.Canon printer Pixma ip8720 is a small and powerful printing machine that gives convenience as well as excellent picture quality. It can print images and high-quality business documents with sizes up to 13 x 19 inches. It is also an ideal ij.start.canon printer to use at home or in office use. In addition, because of its compact design, it’s easy to transport. Additionally the ij.start.Cannon Pixma Ip8720 installation procedure is straightforward to carry out. So, users are encouraged to read the entire details provided in this article to finish the setup procedure.

ij.start.Canon printer Pixma ip8720 supports a wireless printing feature that allows users to immediately connect their devices to print anywhere at the office or at home. This means that the user can print directly from their mobile via various apps, such as AirPrint Google Cloud Print, and the ij.start.Canon print application.

The steps to follow ij.start.canon pixma ip8720 set up ij.start.Canon Pixma IP110 Setup

Users are advised to read all the information below and then follow the directions to finish the setup process.

Note: Users must visit the official website, i.e., ij.start.cannon, to complete the configuration process.

On the printer “ON” Printer

  1.       At first, users will need to switch “ON ” the ij.start.cannon printer.
  2.       Note Users should connect one portion of the power cord into the outlet, and another      end on the back of the ij.start.Canon printer in order to switch on the device “ON.”
  3.       Following this, users must switch “ON” the operational panel of the canon.com/ijsetup


  1.       After that, tap “Power” and then tap on the “Power” button.
  2.       From there, users have to select the language of their ij.start.cannon printer according to their requirements.

Note Take advantage of the navigation keys in order to choose the language you would like to use on the ij.start.Canon printer.

Download Canon printer drivers

To ensure that there are no issues to avoid any issues with the ij.start.Canon Pixma Ip8720 setup process all users must download and download the latest and current Canon driver for their printers. So, people using the printer are instructed to go to the bottom of the page and follow the directions below.

  1.       In the beginning, you must open the browser for the web.
  2.       The users are advised to go to their official site, i.e., ij.start.canon.
  3.       Then you will be on the official website and you can click on the “Setup” option.
  4.       The users are advised to find the ij.start.Cannon printer model in the list or enter the printer’s name in the field that is required.
  5.       Following this, users are advised to click the “Go” option.
  6.       Then, the users are required to choose the appropriate region.
  7.       The ij.start.Canon Pixma Ip8720 configuration window will be opened.
  8.       Then, users need to click “Download” on the next page “Download” button that appears on the next page.
  9.       The “.exe” file will begin downloading to Windows. Windows system.
  10.   NOTE: The “.dmg” file will download only on the Mac operating system.
  11.   Note: do not wait and let the download process complete.
  12.   Follow the instructions on screen to complete the ij.start.Canon printer driver’s installation and download process.

Install the cartridge for your ij.start.Canon printer.

The users must wait until the carriage to stabilise before moving on. So, when the carriage is stabilised you can follow the instructions in the following paragraphs to set up your ij.start.Cannon print cartridge.

  1.       Remove the tape carefully from the ij.start.Canon printer cartridge.
  2.       Note be careful that you do not contact the contact on the canon.com/ijsetup cartridges for printers.
  3.       Then, the user must insert the black cartridge into the left slot and insert the colour cartridge into that slot.
  4.       Note Users must find the ij.start.Cannon printer cartridge that has an upward angle inside the slot.
  5.       Note the users are recommended to close it by gently putting in the cartridge of their ij.start.cannon printer.
  6.       After that, shut off the cover of the printer’s output.

Place the tray of paper in it.

  1.       Take the tray of paper, and then stop when you hear an audible click.
  2.       The users are now advised to move the guide in purple and then move it towards the right.
  3.       Then, place the paper back in the tray for paper.
  4.       Note: Users are advised to put your paper inside the paper’s maximum limit.
  5.       Then, gently adjust the guideline of the paper from the edges of the paper until you can fix it.
  6.       Note: Make sure that there are not bent papers as this is when jamming paper issues can occur.
  7.       After the user has placed the paper in the tray, they are instructed to move the tray in the ij.start.canon printer.
  8.       Then, make sure that the paper settings are set in accordance with the ij.start.canon printer’s display specifications.

After following the steps that were previously mentioned, the ij.start.Canon Pixma Ip8720 setup process is completed. If, due to a few problems, a user is unable to complete the setup process then they should seek assistance from the canon.com/ijsetup customer support team. They will help users follow the ij.start.Cannon pixma set-up procedure.


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