Gaming Setup

Playing awesome games with awesome people, hearing awesome game sounds, and generally feeling awesome about life (most of the time). But let’s get serious for a second. It’s not all about how your character looks or what character you can play as; it’s also how comfortable you are when gaming. Gaming is a lot more than just being able to find the perfect character for your play style. It’s about making sure you get the most enjoyment out of every game you play and eliminating any negative feelings when it comes to playing games.

Know what you want out of your gaming experience, and make sure you get it. Set goals for yourself, like a perfect headset or wireless router setup. Know how to take care of your gear so that it will last you when gaming for years afterward. The perfect gaming setup can seem a little daunting to some, but you know what? It really isn’t.

Let’s get started with everything you need to know about setting up your perfect gaming setup.

What is the Perfect Gaming Setup?

An optimal setup for gaming will most likely be different for everyone, but there are a few things that are key to creating the perfect gaming setup. First, there is the equipment itself; you need the right tools for the job. Here is some of the main equipment we recommend:

Gaming Keyboard:

Make sure your keyboard has good backlighting and has all of the keys in easy reach at all times. The most important keys are the WASD cluster, for movement and jumping, but the rest of the keys should be accessible as well. If you have a gaming keyboard with some sticks included, that’s even better! You can control your mouse from within the game using your mouse-controlling device.

Gaming Mouse:

Make sure your mouse has 5 programmable buttons. It should also have a jump button to toggle between different profiles, allowing you to match your mouse’s sensitivity with the game’s own sensitivity. A mouse should have accurate tracking, which means it needs to accurately track where you are moving the cursor. The scroll wheel can be used as a thumb scroll if you don’t need more buttons, but most people do prefer more buttons.

Gaming Monitor:

The monitor plays a big part in creating the perfect gaming setup. Good monitors have a wide viewing angle and a high refresh rate. You wouldn’t use a 50-year-old TV in your gaming setup, but you can use an old monitor. It may not look as pretty, but it will still be able to make the game come to life.


This is where you get to customize your experience; there are so many options out there that we couldn’t possibly list them here (although we did try!). Knowing what kind of sound quality you want is important in choosing the perfect headphones for gaming, but keeping an eye on the comfort level and sweat resistance of the headphones is also very important.

Gaming Headset:

Why not get both? Gaming headsets give you the ability to hear in-game notifications like in-game chat or your friends. The other feature that you can expect from your gaming headset is that it will have a microphone so you can communicate with your team.

Gaming Monitor Stand:

This can be used to place your monitor on, which will help keep it properly aligned for your viewing experience and provide some extra stability for the monitor. Having a monitor stand instead of putting your computer on a table also means you won’t scratch the surface of the table, which is easy to do with regular monitors and computers if they aren’t put up on stands.

Gaming Monitor Arm:

The best thing about this accessory is that it can reduce neck, arm, and shoulder pain. If you have desk space and don’t mind taking up a little more room, monitor mounts are a great supplement to your gaming setup.

Gaming Chair:

This one is optional but may be ideal for some people depending on their height. It will help to keep you seated while gaming and will keep your back straight all the time. This can help prevent spinal problems that are common for people who sit a lot during the day.

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