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Your Windows device requires a good security program. Windows 10 has reliable inbuilt security tools that can protect the device from various threats. But new threats appear every day and you need a personal security program for better protection. Most people install a personal security program for device and data protection. The application can secure your device from all threats like malware and cybercriminals. To keep your system secure, your antivirus must be working correctly. If your antivirus is not working, you need to repair it. Your antivirus can show scanning issues due to various reasons. Check the issues and repair your antivirus scanning error.

Common issues behind security app not scanning

  1. Antivirus met a runtime error
  2. You have an incompatible security app
  3. Security program subscription get expired
  4. Junk is interrupting the scanning process
  5. You have installed multiple security apps
  6. Some registry files are not working
  7. Another program is conflicting with your antivirus
  8. Low RAM or hard-disk space on your device

Fixing security app not scanning error

Restart your Windows 10 device

When your antivirus is not working and showing scanning issues then try restarting the device. The scanning error can occur when the antivirus meets a runtime error. Anything can lead to runtime errors on the device. You can easily fix the runtime error on your Windows 10 device by restarting it. Close the antivirus and other programs. Click on the Start button and hit on Restart. After restarting the device, go to the desktop and click on your antivirus. Hit the Scan button and your antivirus will start running.

Get a compatible security program

Your antivirus won’t scan the device if it is not compatible with the computer. Several antivirus programs are available for Windows 10. The error appears when your device is unable to fulfill the requirements of your application. When you get scanning issues on a newly installed application then check the requirements. If the antivirus is not compatible then you have to uninstall it. Remove the program from your device and now search for a compatible antivirus. Restart the device and check for scanning issues.

Renew your antivirus

If your antivirus tools are not working then you check for the subscription immediately. Premium security applications are available in subscription and if the subscription expires, you need to renew it. Go to the antivirus account and check for the subscription. If it has expired, click on the Renew button. Provide the banking and other necessary details. After renewing the antivirus, it will start scanning the device. To prevent antivirus expiry, you can enable the auto-renewal service. The antivirus will renew automatically and you don’t have to worry about the expiry. But if your plan is under auto-renewal and you don’t want to renew it then cancel the subscription.

How to cancel McAfee auto renewal?

  1. Go to the McAfee website and click on My Account
  2. Log in to your McAfee account and click on Subscription
  3. Tap on your current antivirus program
  4. Hit on Cancel button next to the subscription
  5. A confirmation window will appear

Hit the confirm button and the auto-renewal of your program will get disabled. Open the subscription window and now you will see the expiry date of your program.

Clear out the junk

PCs accumulate lots of junk with time. Some junk like temp files are not malicious but can affect the processing. Sometimes the junk files start interrupting programs like antivirus. To fix this, you need to remove all junk from the device. Go to your Windows 10 device and inspect for all junk. Start with removing the temp files. Open the temporary files and select all files. Hit the Delete button and restart the device. If the antivirus is still not scanning the device then check other junk on the computer. On Windows 10 devices, you can use the inbuilt junk cleaner tool. Open the Run bar and type cleanmgr. Tap on the OK button and this utility tool will start inspecting for junk on your device. You will get a list of junk on the device. Choose the junk items to delete and hit on the OK button. The junk will be removed from the device. Restart the Windows 10 PC and now retry to scan it with your antivirus.

Install only one security program

Your antivirus will show an error when you have another security program on your device. To fix this, you should only use one security program. Go to the device and open Settings. Now hit the Apps folder and you will get a list of all installed applications. Check for the security applications on your Windows PC. Remove other security programs from the device. You should also remove the related files from the PC. Now restart the device and run a full system scan.

Repair the registry files

Your antivirus will not work if its registry files are broken. These files are necessary to find the correct path. The registry files can be damaged due to several reasons. But fixing these files manually is difficult. Edit the files only when you know the correct steps. Otherwise, you should contact a professional for help. Before editing those files, you should create a backup of those files. Open the Regedit command and the registry editor will open. Now search for the registry files related to your program. Copy those files with the .reg extension and export them to the desktop. Now repair those registry files carefully. After repairing those files, restart the computer and now check for your error.

Increase RAM on your device

Your security app can show errors when the RAM on your device is very low. All apps need some RAM and free hard-disk space to run. If the device has very low RAM, only system applications will run. To run other applications, you have to increase the RAM. Sometimes the error can appear when the free-hard disk space is low. For this, you can remove unnecessary programs and files from the device. Restart the device and now check for free space on the device. After increasing free space, your antivirus will start working.

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