With the well-liked and entertaining messaging app Snapchat, you can talk to your friends, explore, learn, and see global news. Snapchat allows users to send and receive snaps—photos or videos—that vanish after being viewed. A snap may also be reloaded once per 24 hours. Snapstreaks are created by sharing common photos with your friends that have fun and cool filters, lenses, or other effects applied. When you and a friend have been sharing snaps every day for a certain number of days, you have a snap streak. Sending each other snaps is the only way to keep up a Snap Streak; anything else is pointless.

With a lot of fun added in the form of filters, lenses, and effects, Snap streak is a serious commitment. The snap streak will expire if you forget or fail to send a snap to a regular on even one day, though Snapchat does provide a warning notice in the form of an hourglass on the chat to remind you to send a snap. Contacting Snapchat support may help you regain your Snapstreak if you believe it has finished even though you didn’t miss any days.

Snap Streak rules

When you and your friends share images inside a day, the Snapchat streak count continues. And by “Snaps,” it means sending a photo or video to the recipient. Remember that the following things don’t count as Snaps for Snapstreak:

  • A chat or sticker exchange.
  • image or video from the Camera Roll or memory.
  • transmitted using Spectacles content.
  • catches their attention.

The hourglass emoji () next to the person’s name should be noted even though you might see other emojis as your Snapstreak continues for months. It indicates that your Snapchat Streak is about to end. Send a snap if it occurred, or ask the other person to do so.

How to get back a snap streak?

If users don’t submit a Snap for 24 hours, the Snapstreak can terminate. Losing the Snapstreak can be particularly upsetting for those who have shared photos regularly with their friends for hundreds of days. Snapchat users can use the advanced tech to report a lost Snapstreak, and they may receive it restored within 24 hours.

  • Launch Snapchat.
  • In the upper left corner of the screen, click on your avatar.
  • To access Settings in the resulting menu, click the upper right corner of the display.
  • To access the Support section, scroll down and click “I need help.”
  • Choose “Snapstreaks” from the support page that appears.
  • Find and press the link that says, “If you feel there was an error, please let us know.”
  • Please pick “I’ve lost my Snapstreak” from the area that appears.
  • Following that, Snapchat will launch a form that asks for basic information such as a user name, email address, mobile phone number, device (on which Snapchat is installed), a friend’s username, and more.
  • Correctly complete all the fields and exercise extreme caution when entering user names.
  • Answer “No” to the question “Did you see the (hour-glass) icon?”
  • Click the send button that appears below the form after you’ve finished filling it out.
  • Ask the friend you had a Snapstreak with to report as well, just to be cautious.
  • Wait 24 hours before checking to see if the streak has been reinstated.

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