How Do I Fix ij.start.cannon 5B00 Ink Error?

How do I fix ij.start.cannon 5B00 error? Ink Absorber error

We are going to address the long-standing problem of ij.start.cannon 5b00 printer errors. This issue is being reported by many people online every day. We are going to help you understand and fix it.
This guide will assist you in solving the problem and getting your printer back to normal. For more information or to contact support, please read the entire post.
Let’s first understand the problem and then we can help you solve it. printer has marvellous long-lasting life but sometimes this printer has to face some technical issues like, Ink error, Orange light Blinking error at the setup phase etc. But these errors can be fixed very easily with smart steps. All these steps are mentioned here, in this blog. You can read more articles on the

What is Canon Error 5b00 and how can it be used?

This error is usually caused by a problem with the Waste Link Counter Overflowing. This problem occurs when your printer stops working as normal. However, the printer will continue to function normally, but the lamp flashes “Green” and then “Orange” for 8-10 seconds each time you attempt to scan or print a document.
You will see the error message “Support Code5b00 An error occurred when you attempt to print documents from your computer”
The error could cause the canon printer to stop printing, rendering the device useless.
To fix the Canon 5b00 error, let’s first try some basic troubleshooting to see if it works.

How do I start the Canon Service Mode

Step 1 – Turn off the printer and turn it on again. If the message does not disappear, your printer may need to be repaired. If this happens, turn off the printer and put your printer in “service mode”. Hold the power button down for five seconds, then release the button.
Step 2: Press the zoom button five more times. If the LEDs are lit up, it is likely that the printer has entered “service mode”.
You can see the status of the printer in the Control Panel on your Windows computer. It will show as an offline device or not recognized.
This works for the Canon 5800 error, but you should also check the reasons why your canon printer went offline and how you can get it back online.

This process will not end here just by turn-off the printer. You would need to go further and just make sure you consistently check the reoccuring type of errors.

How do you check the ink level?

You need to first check the ink levels. If the level drops below 50%, the process won’t work. You can replace the cartridges if the ink level is low. You should check the ink level on the regular intervel and need to maintain requirement level of ink.

How do I reset my ij.start.cannon printer?

Reset the printer is required to solve this error and for restart your progress. To switch off the printer completely, disconnect the Power cable and plug it back in. Finally, turn on the printer’s power button by pressing the power button, make sure you have plugged in.
The printer will start by itself. Once the printer has turned on, the green-colored LED will cease blinking. Hold the “Stop” button down until the orange LED blinks five times. Then release the button.

Use canon service tools program

  • If you still have the problem, perform the printer reset back to factory settings. Run and install “canon service tools”
  • Click on EEPROM status to initiate the printer reset.
  • It will ask about your paper source tray. By default, it will be set at “rear tray”. Leave it alone and a notification stating “A function was completed” will appear on the computer screen.
  • You will now need to reset the ij.start.cannon printer. Click on the settings button and choose “Main” from the check ink counter. It will then start the printer reset process. This will take about a minute.
  • The printer’s LED light will continue to flash while it is running. The printer has successfully reset when the LED lamp stops flashing.
  • Once the “Reset process” is complete, click on the printer “EEPROM Status” again. The printing process of EEPROM will take a few minutes and will be complete when the Power lamp stops flashing.
  • Click on Pro, then select the data to save option “EEPROM Save”. You can check it by running the program. The printer EEPROM will already be returned to 0%.
  • As you can see, before the reset, the EEPROM state D = 100%. Then, after the reset, the status D changed to 000.0%. The reset process is complete.
  • Turn off the printer and then turn it on again. Now the printer is ready to use.
  • Download the Canon Printer Software and Driver again. You may also visit
    We hope this helps you to fix Canon Error 5b00. You can perform these simple steps in the case you face the same error.


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