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Difference between relaxation massage and condition massage

There are many types of massage therapies available for the treatment. But did you know there are over 80 different types of massage therapies available. There is a huge difference in between relaxation massage therapies and the condition massage therapy. Many people are unaware of this fact that there are plenty of massage therapies which are used to treat many conditions and diseases. A good massage therapist center in Calgary definitely provide the services of the massage.

Relaxation massage, there are many of that but here we will discuss the top 3 of the relaxation massages.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is one of the most famous massage type everyone knows. This massage type is very popular in all over the world because of the good reasons. And the good reason is it’s after effects. This massage types directly concerns the muscles and the tension in the muscles and treat them just by providing the right amount or pressure to the body or to the affected area.

This massage type is referring by many massage therapists to the people who are new to the massage services and their bodies are not used to deal the pressure of massage, so they refer this Swedish massage so that they can have a better massage services as well as their body is getting ready to avail the actual massage they are prescribed.

Another very interesting thing about Swedish massage is that it is used as an alternate massage to many massage types. Because of the gentle pressure it is very famous for the relaxation purposes all over the world.

Deep Tissue Massage

Although deep tissue massage is not a relaxation massage in health but it gives the sensation of relaxation and smoothness when it is being performed. Human body have a lot of tension points and pressure points, and massage uses those tension points and pressure points to treat the muscles tension. Many people used the term strategic point or those tension points but it doesn’t matter, what matter is that your massage therapist is using those strategic point in the best of its way.

Deep tissue massage, as the name refers, focuses on the deep tissues we have with our muscles. Our muscles have connective tissues which also get tired. When the muscles get tired and they are painful in such a way that a person have to see to the doctor. To treat that pain and to relax those tissues deep tissue is used. This massage uses slightly high pressure than the Swedish massage.

This high pressure of the fingers uses for the good reasons so that the pressure and the movement released the tension from the tissues. And in the results it gives you a relaxing and soothing effect.

Hot Stone Massage

This is also a relaxation massage but it is very unique kind of massage which not only uses the oils and the massage techniques but it also uses the heated stones. These flat heated stones are heated under the certain temperature so that it cannot harm or burn the human skin. Have you ever tries the hot water bag or ice bag for any other conditions? Hot water bag is very common amongst women for their reasons. On the other hand, ice bags are used by all of us at some point. Those bags do the same thing what this hot massage do. But the difference is hot stone massage is 2x ahead than those bags.

In this massage hot stones are placed on the body and the heating effect of the hot stones release the tension form the muscles. This massage is commonly used for the back pain or for the back area or form abdomen area. But you can use this massage by visiting to a massage therapist center in Calgary where ever you want if your therapist allows you to do.

Where there are many benefits of the hot stones there is a small drawback as well. If you have a sensitive skin, or you are not comfortable with the heat. Because there are many people who cannot bare heat on their body, so this massage type is not for them. They can easily use Swedish massage as it is the best alternative to this massage without heating stones.

Craniosacral Massage

This massage is used to treat migraine problems. In this the therapist massage on the head and focus on the membrane to treat the migraines. But remember one thing that if you are having a massage therapy for migraine. You need to visit to the massage therapist center in Calgary several times. So that it can rapidly treat your condition.

Rhema Gold Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Wellness Center is a physio clinic which also provide the massage therapy. They have the best massage therapists who know the lows and highs of the massage therapy so you dint have to worry about this. All you need to do is to visit their website and book your appointment.

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