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Modern bathrooms tend to be a blend of practicality and aesthetics. The bathroom furniture has a key role in making it possible. Therefore, we can not imagine any shower or a bath space without it. After all, there is a growing need for storing bathroom essentials. From personal care to toiletries and medicine, you can keep a long list of items at easy access while showering or bathing.

The bathroom furniture is essential without doubt, but just picking out one without much research or understanding is a wrong strategy. You need to know what type of furniture is more suitable for your bathroom rather than guessing it yourself. For example, the cloakroom vanity units are specially designed for small bathrooms. So, if you have one, then it is better to opt for any of such options. There is a lot of things that you will need to understand while hunting for the most suitable storage furniture. It may include different types and things that you will need to consider before getting the one for you. 

This article will find the information you need to make the best choice. 

What is Bathroom Furniture?

It is self-explanatory that it is simply a type of bathroom storage fixture that is specially designed to keep bathroom essentials. Whether it is a cloakroom vanity unit or a cabinet, the bathroom furniture serves the following main functions. 

  • Provide sufficient storage to keep essential bathroom items like soaps, shampoos, oral care, skincare, haircare, shaving, toiletries, and anything that you want.
  • It conceals all your essential bathroom items in it while keeping them out of your sight.
  • Your items will be protected from the humid environment while keeping them safe inside the vanity units.
  • Everything will remain in easy and quick access whenever you need it in the bathroom.
  • Another major function of storage furniture is that these are great for creating the type of aesthetics you want. 

Is Bathroom Furniture Different from Household Furniture?

Although bathroom cabinets may look similar to ordinary household furniture, it is not suitable for use in the bathroom. The household furniture usually has wood material that can easily swell due to exposure to humidity. In addition, the designs that we see in the vanity units are different from standard furniture in your home. Therefore, you should avoid placing the home furniture inside the bathroom. 


Planning For Bathroom Furniture. 

When you are planning for the bathroom furniture, it is important to ask yourself to follow questions. 

  • Prepare a list of items that you want to store in the cloakroom vanity units or cabinets. 
  • What size will you need based on the number of items you want to store in the storage furniture?
  • Do you have enough space available for the size of the vanity unit you want to choose?
  • Which type of bathroom storage will be suitable for your bathroom? Do you want a vanity unit, cabinet, tallboys, or anything else?
  • How do you plan to make it fit with your current bathroom theme for better aesthetics?
  • How much money do you want to spend on this upgrade? 
  • Have you considered both your current and future needs?

Different Types of Bathroom Furniture 

All of the above questions will let you think about all the major things about your choice. 

  • Bathroom Vanity Units

These are just a kind of storage cabinet that has shelves to keep your bathroom essentials concealed inside. The one or two doors to close the cabinets that cover and conceal it completely. You can choose from various types of vanity units available in the market. It can be either wall-hung vanities or a freestanding one. You can decide about what type you want based on your bathroom size, layout, and aesthetics requirements. Many vanity units come with a space-saving option where a top sink is also installed. If you have bigger needs, then a double sink vanity unit can also be the perfect choice for you. 

  • Bathroom Cabinets. 

Although all vanity units are also bathroom cabinets, we are specially talking about a kind of freestanding vanities that resembles the household cabinets. That means these are bigger than the standard vanities and hence require more space too. You should prefer these under specific circumstances where you have a big family bathroom and a lot of storage requirements. 

  • Tallboy Cabinets

When you have limited space available, then you will need a cloakroom vanity unit. However, if you cannot find such a storage unit, a tall boy cabinet may offer the best solution. These have a space-saving design with a tall, long side style that you can hang on the wall. All that means that you will need very little space in the bathroom to accommodate such units. With minimum projection in the bathroom, you can easily keep anything you want in quick and easy access. 

Final Thoughts about Bathroom Furniture 2022

Your bathroom is incomplete without suitable storage. You should keep our discussed point in mind while choosing the best bathroom furniture. As there are various types of storage available that include cloakroom vanity units, cabinets, tallboys, etc., your choice should be based on your personal preference, layout, size, and design. You can check high-quality bathroom fittings and fixtures at Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK. 

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