When you want to scrap your car, contact an environmentally approved car wrecker. Bring the car’s registration certificate, which you hand in to the car wrecker. If you have already handed in the number plates and deregistered the car, simply bring a form stating that you have handed in the number plates. You can also bring the registration certificate instead.

As soon as you hand in your car, a certificate of car scrapping must be issued. It is the car wrecker who issues this certificate. Both you and the car wrecker must sign the certificate. You must be able to document that it is you who owns the car – if you are not the owner of it on the registration certificate. You can do this by showing a contract or closing note. Here, the last registered owner must have signed.

It is definitely an advantage for you if you unregister your car and submit the car scrapping certificate. This saves you money as you do not have to pay the bulk of the unsubscribe. Some car wreckers charge a fee to deregister your number plates, which is typically DKK 250. This money will therefore be deducted from your scrap premium for the car, unless you deregister the car yourself. However, it is important that you only deregister the car after you have handed it in at the scrap dealer. It is not legal to drive in a deregistered car.

Be sure to call around to different car wreckers to find the best price. In addition, it is an advantage to use environmentally friendly car scrapers that are approved. If the company is even under the car importers’ producer responsibility, it will not cost you anything to have the car scrapped. Other scrapers, on the other hand, can set their own fees if they are outside the scheme.

To scrap your car for scrap premium, you must:

  • Contact an authorized car wrecker – preferably environmentally approved
  • Bring the registration certificate for the car
  • Unregister the car and hand in the number plates – or get the car wrecker for it
  • Submit the car scrapping certificate
  • Use environmentally approved auto scraper for maximum recyclability of the car
  • Use auto scraper under the car importers’ producer responsibility for free scrapping.

When should I scrap my car?

You may be in doubt as to whether your car should be resold or scrapped. It can be difficult to assess and there are no set rules either. Many things come into play. If you have totally damaged the car, it will be 9 out of 10 times best to scrap the car. It often costs more than 65% of the car value to repair a totally damaged car. Therefore, in the vast majority of cases, it is the best choice to have the car scrapped if it is completely damaged.

If the car is not completely damaged, but if it is old and worn, a scrapping can also be the best choice. Typically, a car can drive about 250,000 km or for about 15 years. Here, however, the car’s brand can play a big role. Often, cars such as Mercedes and Volvo hold a lot more than others. In the case of an older diesel car that was first registered before 1 January 2006, you should consider scrapping an extra time. Until 2022, you will receive an increased scrap premium if you hand in your old diesel car. This can clearly be an advantage if the car is approaching the age of 15 or has soon driven 250,000 km.

Do you think it seems like a hassle to have to scrap your car; this should not deter you from doing so. Many car wreckers offer to pick up the car as well as be in charge of all the paperwork. Here, your scrap premium for the car may be less than otherwise as you will have to pay fees for these services. But it is definitely an easy way to get rid of your car in a safe and fast way.

Cars typically need to be scrapped:

  • After total damage
  • The car has driven about 250,000 km
  • The car is about 15 years old
  • Older diesel car, which is registered for the first time before 1 January 2006 – larger scrap premium up to and including 2022.


It is your duty as a car owner to make sure that the car is scrapped properly when it is no longer suitable for driving. Here, scrapping at a car wrecker is obvious, where you even get a sum of money paid out in the form of a Skrotpræmie. You choose whether you want to unsubscribe from the car, remove number plates and the like. However, you can also choose to let the car wrecker do all the practical work for a fee. When selecting an auto scraper, select an authorized scrapper. In addition, it is advantageous to choose an environmentally approved scraper that ensures that the vast majority of the car is recycled.


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