Are you looking to master learn Quran but don’t know what to do? Learning Quran is a daunting job in and of itself, mainly when your native language isn’t Arabic However, in modern times, the opportunity to master Quran is much simpler than in the past, especially in light of this current pandemic. Allis is limited to the internet for learning. Have you ever wished to master Quran using Tajweed learn Quran? Do you want to fully comprehend the message Allah (S.W.T) communicates to us, a message that is incomparable and brings joy and happiness to your life? This article will help you answer your questions.

How do I learn Quran using Tajweed online

1Aim with an optimistic attitude:

Don’t be fooled by the fact that you haven’t tried online education before; it implies that it’s not a good idea. No matter what difficulties you may encounter, keep in mind that the importance of learning the Quran will be an act of worship and is a tribute to your family and you on the day of judgment. Additionally, Quran intercedes for you during the day of judgment .it was reported by the Prophet Muhammad that Abu Umaamah al-Baahili said: “I was able to hear that the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon his soul) says: ‘Recite the Qur’an because it will be reveale in the Day of Resurrection to pray for its companions. …) This could be a source of inspiration for you when you have lost faith or are facing difficulties during learning.

  1. Not easy, but it’s easy:

All you require is a strong determination and will. Always pray and beg Allah to help you. Don’t think that because you’re not Arabic spoken, it will be difficult for you to learn. In reality, Allah helps those who can help themselves!

and seek assistance through prayer and patience, and yes, it’s hard aside from the humble submission to Allah to Allah Baqarah 2:45

  1. Select the best online tutor for you:

when you opt for online learning, the online teacher will be an integral component of the process, particularly when you are learning Tajweed in that when you study Quran using Tajweed, it will be possible to spell the words and letters in Quranic correctly and give each letter the proper. The best thing to help you do that is a qualified teacher’s guidance. So, it would help if you took the time to locate an excellent one. Be aware that the best instructor will not just teach you but also keep you interested and engaged. It’s a learning space that is active online, not a standard lecture meant to fill the period. It is possible to contact any good online institution or anyone else who might recommend you, teachers. Use our contact form to find the right teacher learn Quran. It is our pleasure to assist you.

  1. Learn a bit from Online classes

Teachers are not the only factor in the process of learning. So take a mushaf on your hand, and it is recommend to be significant in size. Listen to recordings on your device of the qari Al Quran (reciter of the Holy Quran), notice the way they imitate and recite the Quran. When you have finished, you can record your recitation, as well as listen. You will be able to see the obvious errors, like the Harakat (movements in the letters)

5Excert efforts to master Tajweed:

Like Tajweed, you can learn the pronunciation of Arabic letters correctly in their proper articulation locations. Also, when Jibreel, the angel of Allah ((AS)), was reciting his words from Allah to Prophet Muhammad (SAW), He used a particular manner. He showed that the Messenger (SAW) the methods by the way that it was acceptable to say the Qur’an. In the time of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Muhammad (SAW) was able to teach his companions the methods of recitation. They passed this knowledge on to their followers, who then taught their students until they came to us in the exact manner led by our Prophet (SAW). 

7- Repetition can help you memorize the lyrics and improve your speech until you eliminate the errors.

8- wake up for the fajr (Morning prayer and the first of the day) and then write down the information since it is the ideal moment to cool your mind, as well as your brain, is prepare for you to learn and also to get details.

9- Always be aware of the meaning behind the verses you study, and a straightforward Tafsir book can assist you with that.

10-Purify yourself, remove your sins and then make Duaa.

He used a certain manner. He showed that the Messenger (SAW) the ways by the way that it was acceptable to say the Qur’an. In the time of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Muhammad (SAW) was able to teach his companions the ways of recitation. They passed this information on to their followers, who then taught their students till they arrived to us in the precise manner led by our Prophet (SAW) (SAW).


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