Guru is an online freelance marketplace connecting buyers and sellers. Offering services for both short-term projects as well as long-term ones, this includes a secure escrow-style payment system for employers as well as freelancers.

Guru offers several different uses, from posting jobs and bidding on jobs to withdrawing earnings and using its tools for managing projects.

Free to join

Guru is an online freelance job board designed to connect companies with talented workers quickly. The site makes communication simple between you and freelancers you hire, helping find one-off project or long-term contract freelancers that meet your requirements. Plus, its SafePay feature deposits funds into an escrow account before releasing them when work has been completed successfully.

Marketing services is designed for ease of use and mobile compatibility. Membership is free; however, in order to apply for jobs or withdraw earnings you’ll require both a member name and password as well as linking your social media accounts for sign in purposes.

Guru provides your employees with the tools to be productive in the evolving gig economy and access important information quickly and efficiently. Employees can collaborate on projects with colleagues through WorkRooms on Guru.

Free to post a job

Guru is a freelance job board offering its members access to an assortment of work opportunities. Its homepage design depicts someone working from their laptop in a cafe, emphasizing the flexibility and freedom that freelance work brings. Users can search the site either for themselves or jobs by skill, location and checking specific boxes (featured jobs or verified payment methods).

The platform also provides clients with a private space called WorkRoom in which to communicate with freelancers hired for projects and review freelancer profiles, rate information and samples of work. They can create lists of freelancers they like and collaborate on projects with them.

This platform doesn’t charge freelancers directly; however, a transaction fee will be deducted when employers make payment for their work. This fee represents an affordable investment in reaching more customers and getting more work completed.

Free to bid on a job

Freelancing has become an attractive option for many people looking to supplement their income. From part-time gigs to full-time freelance work, people can find jobs on Guru that match up perfectly with their skills and experiences. Before accepting any job however, it is crucial that all parties involved fully understand all terms and conditions involved before accepting it.

Guru differs from many freelance sites by not charging users to join. There are two membership levels – freelancer and employer. Both membership options offer various benefits, including access to SafePay system for escrow-like transactions.

Customer support on the website can also be reached via phone and email, while its FAQ page offers answers to many frequently asked questions; furthermore, its Help Center includes categories for both employers and freelancers; while its FAQ page features tips for avoiding scams and protecting personal information. Though an ideal service for beginners, some challenges remain such as deciding how much to bid.

Free to withdraw earnings

Guru’s system offers various withdrawal methods to withdraw your earnings, including direct bank transfer (for US residents only), PayPal, Payoneer, and wire transfer. You’ll just need a membership plan in place in order for this process to work smoothly.

Once you complete a project on Guru, your payment will be deposited directly into your Cash Account. From there, it’s up to you whether to use it to upgrade membership or purchase Bids; or transfer it into your home currency; fees vary so always consult your bank beforehand.

Signing up with an international ACH transfer specialist such as Wise provides another viable option; specifically their multi-currency borderless account that accepts local USD deposits to help lower fees levied on payments while giving greater control over how much of it you receive in your home currency – ideal if working on projects paid in USD but living overseas.


Guru is a freelance hiring platform that allows employers to post jobs and hire freelancers online. It offers features for both freelancers and clients alike, such as WorkRoom secure online workspace for freelancers as well as project management tools for clients. Clients can search freelancer profiles, create lists of favorite contractors and communicate directly with them; in addition to offering an enterprise solution for large companies and agencies.

Guru offers many different kinds of jobs, from logo design to legal transcription. One of the oldest freelance websites, it charges only 2.9% in transaction fees for transactions and features that let freelancers and clients negotiate contracts through it.

The main interface of is similar to other freelance websites, with a dashboard showing projects both active and completed as well as an area for submitting proposals. There are multiple payment methods such as PayPal and direct bank deposit available and there is also the option for arbitration.

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