It is vital to evaluate a broker’s performance and to check their reviews before trading with them. In this review, Graphene Fx is discuss in detail. The headquarter of the broker is in the United Kingdom, but it also has offices in Australia. It is regard as a trust and honest broker by three regulatory authorities: the ASIC, NFA, and the FSA.

It is necessary to check a broker’s performance and go through the reviews before trading with this article we discuss about Graphene Fx in detail. The broker is from UK but also has offices in is honest and trusted by three regulatory authorities the ASIC, NFA, and the FSA.

The Broker’s Regulation

ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) supervise the Graphene Fx. because this gives benefit to both the client and broker which require authorization from world’s best financial regulatory agency. Graphene Fx is registered with the National Futures Association (NFA) which is in US and is one of the best-known financial organizations.

Moreover, Graphene FX is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) which is a regulatory body with an objective of dealing with financial enterprises like business in finance!

Graphene FX

Performance and go through the reviews before trading with this article we discuss about Graphene Fx in detail. The broker is from UK but also has offices in is honest and trusted by three regulatory authorities the ASIC, NFA, and the FSA.

Established in 2012, the company has selected Asia as a target market location and then with their commitment and excellence, they have succeeded all across the World, establishing their offices in UK and Canada. The company was owned by the group of most powerful group having experience more than 10 years. In this article we listed some main reasons that why in the world of forex Graphene FX is a legitimate and trustworthy name

Types of Accounts

There are four types of accounts and have different features options a fee and all are accessible for the users. Moreover, each account has its own advantages

Normal account:

Normal accounts are much affordable with best options and rates

1. 100 $ of minimum deposit is required

2 · Pip values on sale begin at 0.4.

3 · A fee of $6 is required for each lot.

Prime Account

1500$ minimum deposit or more required.

· The pip value is roughly 0.4.

· The commission for every lot is set at 4 dollars.

A second charge is taken based on the sum in the trader’s account; for instance, if the balance is 100,000 dollars, a 5-dollar charge is made prior to the market opening, and a 10-dollar charge is made right before it closes.


This reduces commission rates so people preferer this

· 3000$ of minimum deposit is require

· The pip values are comparable to those of the Prime Account, ranging from 0.1 to 0.3.

The ECN Account: Many top Forex Brokers often provide this account type. It rivals with a number of different Forex Brokers, but it has the capacity to exceed them.

· 10000$ minimum deposit is require

· There is no commission charge on any of the lots.


The user can feel secure and safe as it doesn’t need to pay additional charges as broker doesn’t apply fee on buying and selling

User feels full freedom because it doesn’t need to think about any type off additional charges and inactivity fee moreover the maintenance of their account is also free of any cost.


They provide MT4 and MT5 classic platform that is available for Desktop, Mobile, and Tablets, working for both Android and iOS devices. The best features are as Expert Advisor, single-click trade, analysis tools, more than 50 indicators, 3 chart types with tools, hedging, and functioning VPS availability.

You will miss out on an amazing opportunity. If even after viewing all the listed reasons to work with Graphene FX. As it is the most committed, reliable, honest, dedicated. And legitimate forex brokers which offers all that is need by any forex investor. There are only three simple steps to start work with them instantly. Registration, Identity Verification, Depositing funds

OK then after reading these 10 reasons what are your views? We advise you to consider these brokers and in case if you are already dealing with other brokers at least give them a chance so maybe they increase your daily profit and give you more detailed information so to contact them just give them a call or visit their website Graphene FX and find more about the company there and learn how to make more and more profit.

MT4 and MT5 are the platforms on which customer can start trading without any delay. Web Trader is also another platform where user can search for certain pre-requisite instruments.

Graphene FX offers a wide range of trading alternatives, as well as 40 chart and graph features, market trends, and news. The notification tool is unquestionably one of the best tools in the market; customers can configure their alerts to almost anything. Like small highs and lows in the market on a single watchlist, big changes in the live stream. And the accessibility of alternative currencies or indices. The Meta Trader platform includes all of the necessary trading tools and also a live market feed, watchlists, and alerts.

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