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On January 22, 2022, Google for boys education will hold a symposium titled “Kurumi Education Reform and Build an Environment that Supports Everyone” on YouTube Live to realize the concept of School. Participation is free and pre-registration is require.

Google will hold a webinar to share efforts towards realizing the unprecedente School concept for teachers. Because of school sites nationwide, training for provincial and municipal boys education boards. And people responsible for ICT maintenance. It is hold regularly. This time, Mayor Corum, who will lead the use of ICTs for each person, will explain the “Future of Education and  School,” as well.

The Principal of Nancun Primary School and the Principal of Isa du Mii Chuo Secondary School to promote ICT. Mr. Ijiro and Mr. Michael Son, an English teacher, provide examples of the use of ICT in primary and secondary schools in Kurumi City. Mr. Tomoyuki Mihara, Head of Education Promotion and ICT Division at Kurumi City Board of Education, will be on stage at the “Infrastructure Environment that Supports Everyone in the Kurumi City Environment”.

The subscription is free. Applications are accepted on the site. The deadline is 5 p.m. on January 21. If you sign up to watch, you’ll be able to watch the video after the seminar even if it’s hard to come during the day.

Smart Learning Center Maintenance Company

On January 14, 2022, the Yokohama City School Board announced a new education center “(Temporary Name) Smart Education” that conducts “research, research and development” and “human resource development for faculty and staff” while making full use of the latest ICT technologies. We launched the general corporate recruitment process for the development of the “center”. We will accept submission of the application form until February 25th.

In Yokohama, the Yokohama City Center for Co Education and Culture, which opened in 1974, was a center for educational activities but closed in late 2012 due to security issues, and earthquake resistance caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Currently, the functions have been distributing and maintain in an inefficient state. Base on these issues. We have decide to develop a new learning center. Because “Smart Learning Center (My Business Name)” by introducing the vitality of the private sector. We have start open recruitment for companies.

Where the many people involve

The basic idea of ​​”(Temporary Name) Smart Education Center” is “Instructional Design Lab” which creates new education for children. “Working with industry, academia, and government, we aim to be an open and creative learning hub where the different people involved in raising children to meet and challenge each other. The center is built around the four functions of ‘Investigation/Research/Development’.

Human Resource Development and ‘Consulting’ educational” and “presentation/publishing”, which is evolving based on changes in social conditions such as School and the new infection of the coronavirus. Developed as a facility that makes full use of it. At the same time, the function of “Childcare and Education Center” will be add in Early Childhood (Temporary Name)”.

The location of the center is “around Kannai Station/Sakuragicho Station (within 20 minutes’ walk from Kannai Station/Sakuragicho Station)” due to open innovation with institutions and universities and access from municipal schools.

The volume of the company does not specify

In the project, a private commercial operator will develop a building with the functionality and scale defined by the city, and the city will lease it to the city to use the building to serve as a new education center. The commercial operator will be selected through the open call for proposals method and will be determined after the hearings have taken place based on the documents submitted. At the time of the open recruitment, the location of the participating companies and the size of the company were not specified. Details such as qualifications for participation, basic ideas for building maintenance, ideas for promoting maintenance projects, etc. It can be confirme in the application instructions.

To participate, we will accept the submission of application forms, etc. Until February 25. Notification of the outcome of the proposal qualification confirmation sent on March 4. And proposal submission will be accepte from June 7-17. Auditions will take place in July, priority applicants will be identify. And announce in August, and a basic agreement will be reache in October.

If you have any questions about the content of the Application Guidelines, etc. We will accept survey submission by email until February 4th. Responses will be poste on the Yokohama City website by February 18.

Improve the environment of each station in the high school

On January 11, 2021, Shinsuke Sumatsu, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science. And Technology, and Karen Makishima, Minister of Digital Technology, announced a joint message to realize a rapidly improving environment for every high school student.

“From April of this year, a new course of study will be introduce every year in high school. And the third-year middle school students who study at their stations will move to high school. Important to improve the environment of each station as soon as possible. To achieve a digital society in which school students do not stop High School. But is about learning and “no one is left behind.”




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