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Cookies are made with a combination of tasty ingredients such as sugar, chocolate, vanilla flavor, flour, etc. The cookies were invented by the Persians in 7Ad. Then the trend of cookies spread in Europe with the Muslim conquest of Spain. However, by the 14th century, the cookie became the staple product all over the world.

Everyone loves to eat a cookie as a dessert or without naming it as a dessert. Cookies are so delicious that children love to eat them. If you are running some kind of a cookie brand then it’s time to package them nicely in order to hit the market in a good manner.

There are various packaging firms that offer awesome cookie custom kraft boxes. You can purchase such boxes to package your yummy cookies. The following are some of the enticing ideas which you can follow to package the tasty cookies of any flavor:


The trend of encasing the cookies within the bags is getting a higher value. People like purchasing cookies within the kraft material bags instead of the plastic to get higher sales. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about low sales if you are presenting your cookies in an elegant eco-friendly way.

The packaging with a social cause is liked by the people more. Go for exaggerating the packaging in order to have more views and sales. You can add the big teeth of the monster in the middle of the bag eating the cookies. But make sure that you design the monster in a cute shape. Because it has to attract the kids.


If you are creating some occasional custom kraft boxes packaging for an occasion such as Valentine then choose the heart shape box to encase the delicious chocolate cookies. You can create some other flavors as well. But as chocolate has a connection with Valentine’s day in terms of love, modify the cookie boxes in heart shapes.

Moreover, if you are planning to encase a single cookie then choose the kraft paper packaging for the cookie, and at its opening add the sticker in the shape of a heart in pink or red color to create a drastic impact on the shelves.


The cookies are loved by the children more. For certain events such as Birthdays, you can design the kraft material gable shape boxes elegantly to attract the children. Moreover, these boxes can be used as regular ones. You can display this kind of box in the stores as well for branding purposes.

The cartoon design on the kraft gable shape would look mesmerizing. You can totally convert the box into a bear shape as well. Further, do add the nutritional facts of the cookies to the boxes. As parents are always concerned about the eatables their kids are having.

You can also add the other details on the boxes such as the price, manufacturing and expiry date, barcode, etc.


The cylindrical style kraft cookie box would look awesome in terms of gifting. You can add more than ten cookies to a large cylindrical box in an elegant way by wrapping it with a bow.

Further, the addition of the textural artwork on the boxes would look charming and attractive as well. These textures can be in any geometrical style such as uniform, italic, or zig-zag.


The kraft material is the most biodegradable one and looks amazing in every business domain. You can nicely enhance the outer look of the kraft packaging by adding all the attractive artwork.

Suppose you have shaped the cookie in the shape of a sunflower then on the two-piece kraft box cover add the die-cut sunflower shape to cover the cookie in an elegant way.

Moreover, the addition of the glittery touch at the die-cut sunflower shape corners will look mesmerizing and will dazzle the shelves brilliantly.

Most people complain about the cookie’s softness and that they adopt the taste of the packaging, but this is not the case with the kraft box packaging.

The kraft is a durable material and is best for food packaging.


Most people are concerned with the plastic packaging and utilization of custom boxes wholesale as well as they have to unwrap a lot of packaging for eating the cookies.

So, in this case, the kraft material flower style packaging is the handy option. This would look elegant on the shelves and you can showcase the interesting shape of the cookies to your loved ones.

Suppose you are creating some occasional-based cookies then design the cookies in the shape of a Christmas tree, Santa, Snowman, etc. And for Halloween, you can shape the cookies into a pumpkin or cute monster shape.

These all-amazing shapes will look awesome on the kraft flower tray. And you can cover these up with some PVC sheets to protect against dirt and dust.

These kraft trays can be well shown as the cookie display packaging. Moreover, you can add the props on the cookies to catch the limelight on the display counter perfectly.

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