Are you thinking about ways you can start living a more mindful life and stop buying things that you don’t need? If yes, then you are here at the right place. Let us talk about four life-changing minimalist hacks that will actually change your life for the better.

It can be about de-cluttering your home and organising your wardrobe, but it’s also about more than that – it’s simplifying your life so there’s more room for the things you value.For me, living in a more minimalist way has meant deleting some apps off my phone so that I don’t waste too much time on social media and feel overwhelmed by all the apps I have.

It’s meant focusing on which relationships I really want to grow and develop and letting go of relationships that weren’t working.When we moved to a smaller space earlier this year, it did mean getting rid of a lot of things, from clothing to books to DVDs. We have less stuff and we’re just as happy, if not happier than we were before.

I wouldn’t say I’m necessarily a minimalist, but I do implement minimal concepts into my life and it’s created various benefits that I’m really excited to share with you.

So, let’s dive into some of the benefits of living more minimally.

This is probably my favourite tip! Not only does preparing and planning meals help save money, it can also save time and reduce food waste.

Each week, I plan out three meals for my partner and I, then I go grocery shopping, come home and spend a few hours cooking everything. During the week, we just get a meal out of the fridge and heat it up for dinner.

I make bircher muesli each night before bed so it’s ready the next day and I eat chopped, raw vegetables (capsicum, celery, carrot, cucumber and snow peas) for lunch with guacamole and wafer biscuits.

Having a solid meal plan seriously saves so much time, reduces decision fatigue, hugely minimises food waste, saves money, reduces the number of shopping trips and cuts down the number of dishes we need to wash.

Store Out-of-Season Clothes

While this might be commonplace for most people, you will be surprised to know that some people go the extra mile and buy clothes every time from scratch each year. By getting things in and out of the closet and drawer, some people just feel exhausted and tired and take it as a serious task.

You might want to invest in the right clothes, such as buy a Brain Dead Racing Jacket and other staple clothes; you will save yourself so much more physical work. By storing your off-season clothes, you will also have a better understanding of which clothes you have for each season.

By storing out-of-season clothing, you will ensure that you donate anything that you no longer wear.


I find it so much easier to relax and feel calm when I don’t have clutter around me. I like things to be organised and neat and I just feel happier when my space is mostly clutter-free. Especially because I work from home most days, less overwhelm is definitely important. I can concentrate better and feel less distracted and I generally feel more calm.

There’s something peaceful in knowing that the things in my home are here because they’re important and I thought carefully about whether they were necessary.

Use a Gateway Storage

When you are decluttering your house, and you have a “maybe” pile, take that pile and place it in gateway storage for a while. Now, if you miss anything from the pile, you can retrieve it from the storage anytime.

But, there is also a chance that you will find out that you haven’t missed anything from the storage for three months or more after a while. This way, you will know that it is time to let go of the things and donate them.

You can also organize a yard sale or a garage sale and sell the things that you no longer need.

Practice Temptation Building

Temptation bundling is as simple as this – take things that you don’t like to do and pair them with the things you do like to do to get more done. For instance, if you like listening to narrative podcasts but you don’t like cleaning the kitchen, you might want to clean the kitchen while listening to the podcast.

You might actually start looking forward to those mundane tasks way more because it will become a unique practice of enjoying things that you would normally not do. Simply put, by bundling the things that you really enjoy with the things that you need to get done but you don’t like doing – you are more likely to feel motivated to do those things and get more done.


Be Okay with the Same Things

In today’s society, we are so reinforced to seek out new things and show those new things off to the people around us. This way, our brain gets wired to the idea of novelty. You might want to try paying attention to the things that you already have and feel content with them.

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