Headlight assemblies refer to the entire lighting system of a vehicle’s headlights, including the headlight bulbs, lenses, housing, and any additional features such as turn signals. Replacing the headlight assembly on a vehicle is a job that most DIYers can do in a few hours. It’s a good idea to replace both headlights in pairs for safety’s sake. Also, the replacement procedure is the same for most vehicles, so the same procedure can be used for the passenger-side headlight. 


Remove the screws from the front of the headlight assembly with a screwdriver. If the vehicle has daytime running lights, disconnect the wire harness from the back of the assembly. Unscrew the screws that hold the outer bezel in place. Pull the bezel off. Disconnect the plug from the back of the assembly, then remove the screws securing the headlight assembly. The headlight assembly is attached to the vehicle at several points, so some force may be needed to remove it. Cheap headlight assembly replacement is available only at SuncentAuto free of cost of shipping.

How do headlight assemblies work?

Headlight assemblies are the entire lighting system of a vehicle’s headlights, including the headlight bulbs, lenses, housing, and any additional features such as turn signals. Headlight assemblies can be divided into 2 categories: sealed beam headlight assemblies and replaceable bulb headlight assemblies. Sealed beam headlight assemblies consist of a sealed beam (also referred to as a sealed beam unit or S.B.U.), which is a sealed, pre-assembled and pre-tested unit. Whenever a headlight bulb burns out, the entire assembly has to be replaced. In contrast, replaceable bulb headlight assemblies are composed of individual bulbs, called headlight bulbs, and headlight housing. The headlight bulbs can be replaced separately from the headlight housing. SuncentAuto is your online shop for auto parts and accessories in the automotive aftermarket.


Headlight assemblies are one of the most important parts of a vehicle. They are the safety equipment that helps you see in the dark and allow you to drive safely. Headlight assemblies are also very important for oncoming traffic to see you. Headlight assemblies have been an essential part of all cars since the beginning of the 20th century. They have undergone a lot of changes since then, and different types of headlights have come out. Headlight assemblies are available in different types, depending on what the car needs. They are available as halogen, Xenon, or LED headlights. Each type of headlight has different features and is used differently. Easy DIY Headlight Replacements Tips

How to pick the right headlight assemblies?

Choosing the right headlight assemblies can be difficult if you don’t know what you are doing. If you are new to the world of auto headlights, then it is best to talk to a professional. This is a tricky task for most people because there are so many different headlight assemblies available on the market. Some of them are good quality and some are complete junk. The best way to choose the right headlight assemblies is by researching and reading reviews.


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