custom mailer box printing service

Custom mailer box printing service come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. One of the most popular types of packages is mailer boxes. It has been around for so long and is still a popular choice when it comes to packing stuff and sending it to far-off places. Let’s take an in-depth look at mailer and custom mailer box printing service and find out how they can benefit your business boxes?

What is a mailer box?

A mailer box is a box that is used to mail items from one place to another. It is a regular-sized box with self-locking hinges. These hinges are customizable. You can use them both inside and out. A mailer box is available in different shapes and sizes. They are meant for small to medium-sized items. You can customize them as per your product’s needs. They are sturdy and stable and are widely used in the industry.

Types of mailer boxes

Let’s now take a look at different types of mailer boxes that are available in the market.

Standard mailer box:

It is the most common of all mailer-type boxes. They have wings and flaps that fit into each other when you close the top lid.

Mailer boxes with an adhesive:

Sometimes, an adhesive is added to the front of the mailer box to seal the top-front side and the bottom half. It secures the product. Usually, a sealing strip is pasted torn for easy opening.

Mailer boxes without wings:

It is another variation in its design where the boxes do not have any wings on either side. The top flap is inserted in the bottom half to lock the box.

Mailer boxes with inserts:

Sometimes custom inserts are added inside a mailer box according to the shape and size of the product. These inserts provide support and protection to the products. Cosmetics usually come packed in custom insert custom boxes.

You can make them as per your demands and needs. One of the biggest advantages of custom mailer boxes is that they are highly versatile. You can produce them in several shapes and sizes and that too with comparative ease.

Materials used to produce custom mailer box printing service:

Following materials are commonly used to make mailer boxes;

  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated material
  • Kraft paper

Cardboard and corrugated materials are very similar as corrugated sheets are made of cardboard paper. The difference is the construction of corrugated sheets, where three or more sheets are usually used on top of each other with one wavy sheet in between. It gives the sheet some extra strength. On the other hand, Kraft sheet is made of organic and recyclable materials. It is, therefore, among environmentally conscious customers.

Why go for custom mailer boxes?

Custom mailer boxes carry certain benefits and are essential to the business to dispatch different items to customers daily. They can do so effectively using mailer boxes. The other benefits of using custom mailer boxes are as follows;

They look good:

Yes, it comes as the top benefit of any custom mailer box. They present a pretty sight. The design, the size, and the customization options all add up to make them beautiful to look.

Brand promotion & awareness:

Due to their reasonable size, mailer boxes are billboards that can comfortably show off your company’s name, brand, logo, etc. The users can identify with these boxes and recognize them from afar once they get used to seeing them in the markets and elsewhere.

Gives ample protection and support to the product:

Mailer boxes are solid and durable. They are designed to hold the product and give it all the protection it demands during the shipping process. It will withstand regular shocks, impacts, and jolts and provide safety from the extremities of weather.

They are lightweight and handy:

Despite their strength and sturdiness, mailer boxes are very light in weight. It makes them easily portable. You can transport them over places using minimal effort. It also reduces the labor cost.

They are very economical:

Custom mailer boxes are easy to produce, and they are very economical. No matter which material you use to make them, they come at very affordable rates. Their raw material is widely available, plus their production process is simple. You can produce them at a micro-scale, even in homes using the household members.

custom mailer box printing service

They provide endless customization options:

There is no shortage of options regarding mailer boxes when it comes to customization. These options could be in the form of design and also for printing. You can have mailer boxes according to your product’s shape, size, and weight. You can also innovate with the product’s design and make it unique and special.

Provides for a satisfying unboxing experience:

Unboxing has become a much-cherished ritual among today’s generation. They lovingly film it through their smartphones and upload it to their social media accounts. It not only builds an image of your company but also works as a marketing tool. You can make it memorable by adding inserts, fillers, etc., for the customer.

How to find perfect custom mailer boxes?

There are tons of companies that are producing custom mailer boxes. You can search them online and ask for them from your family and friends who may have used one. But, we would like to suggest one such company to you by the name of Fast Custom Boxes. It is an excellent manufacturer of custom boxes, including mailers and other types. You can count on them for the best prices and services for all your box-related queries.


So, that was all about custom mailer boxes. We have tried to highlight all their essential aspects and varied benefits. Mailer boxes have been around for several decades, and their popularity and usage have only soared with time.


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