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Millennial couples suffer from mental health issues very easily because of a hectic schedule that juggles between work and family. This affects their personal life, depleting their emotional and physical relationships with their partner. Consequently, mental illness plays a key role in male infertility. Whereas stress and anxiety can harm men internally as well as externally.

Dr. Chirag Bhandari is a licensed sexologist in Gurgaon from University College London Hospital, London. He says that couples having mental health problems is very common nowadays, and consequently can cause a lot of sexual problems, especially in men. Dr. Bhandari has cured many patients through the process of couple therapy. Generally, sex or couple therapy is a type of session in which the therapists talk to the couples, try to understand the situation, and treat them accordingly.

Back in Medicine, Dr. Chirag Bhandari started his own health center named the Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health in 2019. He got his Medical Registration Number from Rajasthan Medical Council in 2015. Rajasthan Medical Council is a government body that registers medical clinics, doctors, and hospitals to practice medical treatments in the state.

Couple therapy is the best treatment for couples who are facing troubles in their personal life due to mental or sexual issues. If a patient can overcome the mental state, he/she can also satisfy their partner during intercourse.

Read the entire article to know about the sex or couple therapies: process and treatment. Also, what are the benefits of choosing an Andrologist in Gurgaon for it?

Explanation About Couple Therapies and How it is Done?

Couple Therapy by Andrologist in Gurgaon

To be noted, couple therapies are the precise kind of psychotherapy. Through couple therapy, you can get to know about your sexual acts, sexual feelings, and intimacy. Moreover, you can opt for such therapies individually or as a couple. Moreover, couple therapy can be productive for people of any age, gender, or sexual preference.

Couple therapy is commonly done by licensed andrologists, psychologists, physicians, or licensed therapists who have expert training in the issues related to sexual health. The psychologists take counseling sessions with the couples to understand the problem they are facing in the relationship. Also, the doctor tries to build their relationship and resolve their conflicts. Psychologists have a better idea about how mental problems can affect a person’s body. That’s why they concentrate on solving a couple’s mental issues via taking various counseling sessions.

Why does Someone Need Couple Therapy?

Couple therapy has solved many issues of the patients, from functional issues to emotional troubles with the partner. Because of couple therapy, you can concentrate on issues like:

  • Sexual desire or foreplay
  • Sexual interests or orientation
  • Reckless sexual behavior
  • Erectile dysfunction problems
  • Premature ejaculation problems
  • Difficulty in reaching orgasm
  • Painful sexual intercourse
  • Past unwanted sexual experiences

Dr. Chirag Bhandari, an andrologist doctor in Gurgaon, explains that couple therapy is generally short-term therapy. They can address some issues in a few sessions. However, sometimes, a few more counseling sessions are needed to check the patient’s condition.

Mental problems like stress, anxiety, or depression are often linked to the brain. In effect, long-lasting illness, side effects of medicines, surgery, or aging, affect sexual health. Depending on the condition, seeing an andrologist’s doctor will be a good option.

Here’s How Dr. Chirag Bhandari Got a License and Become a Certified Andrologist

Andrologist in Gurgaon with his certificates and recognition

Here are some details about how Dr. Chirag Bhandari got the license and became an authorized Andrologist:-

  • The doctor completed his Guy’s Andrology Research Unit Cadaveric Course at King’s College, London in 2018.
  • Additionally, he received his certification in Andrology from the American Society of Reproductive Medicine in 2018.
  • He has also been an Andrologist and Men’s Health Expert at University College London Hospital from 2017-2018.

Benefits of Choosing Licensed Andrologist in Gurgaon

Choosing an andrologist for your sexual treatment may be easy but going for a licensed andrologist can be beneficial for you. Dr. Chirag Bhandari, an andrologist in Gurgaon is a licensed and experienced sex specialist doctor. Here are some advantages of selecting him as your couple therapist:-

  • Dr. Chirag Bhandari has been practicing in this field for about 8 years. He can treat you better with his expert knowledge.
  • Also, with his passion and vision, he has cured many couples and created a benchmark of his own.
  • Couples who have taken treatment from the male infertility specialist in Gurgaon before have highly recommended him for sexual-related issues.

Positive Reviews of the Patients: Andrologist in Gurgaon

Here are some feedbacks from the patients regarding the treatments and therapies Dr. Chirag Bhandari has given. They have shared their happiness in such a way:-

“These sessions were very helpful for all of us. We got a positive vibe after going back from the session. Moreover, really helps us to change our minds and work in the right direction. Looking forward to continuing these sessions for our treatment.”– Vrinda, Jaipur.

“Extremely thankful for such a valuable session and diagnosis. Expecting I an early recovery. Thanks to Dr. Chirag sir for his valuable time and counseling. Also, the perfect way to deal with the patient. Thanks and Regards sir”– Amrit, Gurgaon.

The Takeaway of the Blog

In addition to this, men in Gurgaon are scared of sharing their problems with anyone. There have been various cases where people don’t talk and put all their pain inside them. This leads to severe physical and mental issues. Nevertheless, don’t get pressured about something that has a permanent solution, talk to an andrologist in Gurgaon if you are facing any troubles or challenges during sexual intercourse.

In order to consult with him, book your appointment by going on their official website or call on 96020 81813. You can also drop a mail at to know more about the treatments and therapies.

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