CompTIA Security + is an internationally recognized qualification. CompTIA Security + is the first Certification you should obtain. It helps become an IT professional. It helps to demonstrate your basic skills and the ability to perform essential security functions. If you pass this exam, you will gain crucial knowledge and a foothold in intermediate security positions in the cybersecurity world.

Let’s take a closer look.

If you pass this exam, you will be free to use many skills. Few are listed below.

You will be able to identify several types of security hazards. In addition, you will be able to understand the concepts of vulnerability scanning and penetration testing.

  • Able to install, deploy, and configure your network system
  • Be able to implement a secure and reliable network architecture
  • You will be able to install and configure access and identity services
  • Be able to practice risk management
  • You will be able to install and configure different types of wireless security.

CompTia Security + Certification in Berlin covers all of today’s best risk mitigation practices and management practices. In addition, you can identify and respond to security vulnerabilities, attacks, and threats.

How Many Questions Will Be Asked For This Exam?

The CompTIA Security + exam has 90 questions. After trying these questions, you will be challenged with a questionnaire about your learning method. You also have answer why you need to qualify for this qualification. In this survey, about 12 MCQ questions will be asked.

What Kind Of Problem Will You Challenge?

The exam consists of performance-based items, drag-and-drop items, and multiple-choice questions. For multiple-choice questions. You can choose one or more choices. On the other hand, performance-based tests problem-solving skills in a simulated environment. It’s a good idea to manage your time correctly to tackle these issues.

What Is The Area Of ​​The Exam?

The following is a description of the exam themes and areas.

  • Vulnerability Attacks and Threats
  • Access and identity management
  • Tools and techniques
  • Risk management
  • Design / architecture
  • PKI / encryption

How Long Does It Take To Challenge The Exam Questions?

You can take all MCQs etc., in 20 minutes during the test time. The time to enter the test site is not included. Always arrive on time. 

Objectives of CompTIA Security+ Certification

The primary purpose of this qualification is to ensure that you are proficient in security measures to thwart cyber-attacks. The purpose of the exam is to ensure that the candidate has sufficient information about the following areas:

  • Cybersecurity Competencies
  • Familiarity with cryptography
  • Knowledge of ID management and access control
  • Detect threats and vulnerabilities
  • Secure application, data, and host information
  • Build infrastructure to respond to security breaches
  • Ability to anticipate and prevent security risks
  • Responding to security breaches

Syllabus for CompTIA Security + certification

Before preparing for the CompTIA Security + exam, candidates are expected to be familiar with all aspects of IT management. Candidate have a keen interest in security. They have a broad understanding of the implementation of security measures. If you have interest in cybersecurity.  You can quickly obtain this qualification.

Scope And Benefits Of Comptia Security + Certification

The importance of data networks is increasing day by day. It supports the backbone of various companies around the world. With knowledge of network security and a CompTIA Security + credential, you can secure these data networks and reduce possible risks. Obtaining Certification has the following advantages.

Global Recognition

This Certification is in 147 countries around the world. Obtaining this certification will give you access to IT security-related carriers worldwide.


The revenue potential associated with CompTIA N + is wide-ranging. Security professionals, administrators, and security administrators are more sought after today than ever before.

Vendor Neutral

This qualification is a vendor-neutral qualification. It allows you to understand the basic idea of ​​IT security. Obtaining this qualification means being able to support a wide variety of software, hardware, and network configurations. This allows you to leverage your expertise in the security industry.

Industrial Support

Security + exams, their syllabuses, and exam questions are developed and maintained by IT security experts. The content of the syllabus is based on in-depth research and feedback. It includes content from many industry players. Holders of this qualification are talented people in most industries.

The CompTIA Security + Certification is vital. It is for interested in important and emerging areas. This qualification demonstrates your ability to manage system security, network infrastructure, and organizational security. As computer security threats continue to grow and become more serious, this qualification is in high demand among employers in the commercial, medical and government sectors. Aiming to qualify for CompTIA Security + will ensure that you will get a job in the coming years.

If you have a passion for open source technology and experience with Linux, consider getting a CompTIA Linux + qualification. This exam covers Linux system management, user management, file permissions, software settings, Linux-based client management, etc. With many companies are adopting open-source software to reduce costs. Linux qualified people are in high demand. By demonstrating your competence with the appropriate CompTIA certification, you can clearly show potential employers that you are suitable for the job.

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