Have you been searching for a new MSP partner to work with your construction company? Are you looking for managed IT construction firms to help your construction company expand and grow? Are you worried that your current IT provider doesn’t have the agility you need to continually improve data analysis and digital technologies to improve construction business efficiency? 

If you answered yes, read on.

Managed IT for the Construction

There is no doubt that construction companies face high pressure and expectations in the current competitive market. They have to complete projects on time, under budget, comply with all relevant legislation, and do it all while keeping workers safe and productive. As a result, IT infrastructure plays an increasingly important role in helping these businesses succeed. 

Construction is one of the most important industries in our nation. Construction professionals build the very structures in which we live and work, but they can’t succeed if they’re hobbled by their own technology. You need flexible communication tools, reliable data backups, and an expert who can guide you through the process of implementing the best software applications.

construction companies need fast, reliable internet connections to work remotely with clients, vendors, and partners. A reliable IT infrastructure must back up these kinds of connections in order to provide the services expected from today’s connected workforce.

MSPs that specialize in IT for the construction industry are pretty different from regular MSPs. That’s why, when you choose managed IT for the construction industry, there’s more to consider than just price or skillset. Here are five things you should know before forming the heart of your new IT department.


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Industry Experience

When choosing an IT expert for a construction business, experience is something that cannot neglect. It is a core thing that you must know before proceeding further. An experienced MSP can protect your business from the damages that come from server failures, security breaches, and network downtime. These experts will also help you do more with less: by eliminating IT headaches like software maintenance, upgrades and setup, they’ll free up your team to focus on more meaningful projects.

MSPs with experience in the construction industry are more familiar with local issues and challenges.

24/7 Availability

If you’re not getting 24/7/365 support, you’re not getting the best.

Whether it’s a project in the middle of a busy city or just outside of a small town when it comes to construction projects, it’s all hands on deck, and no time is off-limits. So why would you accept anything less than 24/7/365 availability from your managed IT provider?

Any managed IT provider can give you access to the latest technology. Any managed IT provider can tell you how easy they are to work with. 

Remote Monitoring

Many managed IT solutions now include remote monitoring features as standard. These experts can remotely monitor your network on a daily basis via software that identifies issues as they occur.

Data Protection

Construction companies handle a lot of data and documents, from the blueprints for the next big building to the reports needed for each project’s needs. Compliance, all this data needs to be safely stored somewhere where it’s easy to access when needed. 


If you have multiple offices or people working in the field, they need to be able to access data from anywhere, at any time. Managed IT services can provide your company with the backup and storage services needed to ensure that all your data is safe in case of emergencies or other unforeseen disasters.

Proactive Security & Risk Assessments

Over the last few years, the construction industry has become an increasingly prevalent target for cybercriminals, primarily due to its reliance on technology for operations management and business intelligence. Managed IT providers can help keep your company’s data safe by providing firewalls, antivirus software, malware scanning, and other security measures. They can also perform regular risk assessments.


Our five layers of cybersecurity protect against ransomware threats and train your employees to recognize dangerous phishing attacks.

SouthTech has a proven track record of minimizing downtime and keeping your team running efficiently with our 24/7 support services.

Security training is vital for teams of all sizes. No matter an employee’s role, bad actors will look to target them.

Having trouble connecting all of your team members? We can recommend best practices and implement the tools you need.

SouthTech has been helping businesses in the construction sector optimize their technology for over 25 years. Our engineers are familiar with your needs and know the in’s and out’s of the software tools you use every day, such as AutoDesk, BlueBeam, and Sage. We take care of your technology so you can get back to doing what really matters: building.

The Bottom Line:

I hope you find this piece of writing interesting and informational. To know more about  IT support construction, stay tuned!


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