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Want to know, what is the right time to start a career in digital marketing? Of course, yes, this is why you are here, reading this article.

See, there is no right or wrong time to start any career. Yes, it is true. But if you want to start a digital marketing career, it is beneficial to start as early as possible. It is recommended to start just after completing your high school, i.e. after the 12th class.

Yes, it’s helpful. Nowadays, even school going people are starting their careers. But if you can’t start during school, we suggest you begin after your 12th standard.

Okay, I want to Start After the 12th, But How can I Start?

It’s easy. Join a digital marketing course after 12th by Quibus Trainings. This is how people start their careers. If you are a person who is under the 30s or post 30s, then don’t get discouraged. You can also join their course.

There is no age, college or school boundation to join a digital marketing course. At Quibus Trainings, they teach digital marketing to all students. They have a digital marketing institute in Jaipur, and you can visit the place to learn more about it.

How are you feeling now? I have given you the right path to start. I suggest you to think about the course amount as an investment. There are many people who do digital marketing courses and recover their course money within a few months.

Why Start Early?

Starting any field at an early age is always beneficial. Let me tell you the reason behind it? Let’s say, you are in your 20s, and you don’t have any responsibility(no wife, no kids). At this age, you don’t have anything to lose. You can take the entire risk of your life. This is the one reason.

The second reason is that it will give you early success. If you start early, you will be ruling the industry in a few years. You will achieve success at that age when people are thinking of starting.

The third biggest reason is that it gives the freedom to fail. If you want to try a business during the early years, you will have no failure stress. Let’s say, after doing a digital marketing course, you have started a digital marketing agency, and you failed. No problem at all. Get up and start again. I think this is the best benefit of starting early.

Can I Become a Great Digital Marketer After This?

There is no clear answer to this. If you follow everything I have told you in the above paragraphs (start early, join a course), this is not a secret recipe to becoming a great digital marketer agency, but this is a path. And now, it all depends on you, how much effort you are willing to make to acquire the skills.

After joining the course, if you give proper time to learn the skills, you can become a great digital marketer. I suggest you to work smart. Thousands of people are working hard in digital marketing but are not successful, which shows hard work is not the only key to success. That’s it. Follow these steps to become a good digital marketer.

3 Bonus Tips to Have a Great Career in Digital Marketing

  1. Avoid making the same mistakes again & again. It is good you have started early, but if you make the same mistakes again & again, then it will take years to achieve the success you desire.
  2. Learn from others’ experiences. This is the fast way to success. Start reading books, and learn from their life stories, experiences, and learnings. By doing this, you are trying to avoid the same mistakes that those experienced ones made in their life.
  3. Always try to increase the chances of success in whatever you do. No matter what digital marketing strategy you use, always try to achieve the probability of success in that.


I hope this article has helped you. So now, you know the right time to start a career in digital marketing and how you can start. The above article is written with the contribution of numerous successful digital marketers. The information provided in the article is completely based on the real-life experience of digital marketers.

To conclude the above article, it is always beneficial to join a digital marketing course just after 12th class. It will help you in long run. Doing a course is the easiest way to start a career in digital marketing. At last, we have also given you some bonus tips which every student who wants to start a career in digital marketing must follow.

Thanks for reading till here. If this article helped then don’t forget to share it with your friend and family. And if you have any doubt, please ask in the comment box below.

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