CAPM stands for “Certified Associate in Project Management”. It is a qualification mainly for those who are aiming for a career in project management. People who want to contribute as a team member in a specialized field. It improve the success of the entire project. This certificate is an entry-level certificate. If you want to become a project manager, we recommend that you start studying with this certificate.

A CAPM certificate proves to your employer or interviewer that you have sufficient experience and education to do your job.

When applying for a job, many employers prioritize candidates with CAPM qualifications over those without. Even with the same experience, you know what to expect from a qualified person rather than an unqualified person. Certificates can be beneficial to your resume, hone your skills, and increase your chances of gaining enough experience to become a PMP one day.

Certain conditions  met in order to qualify for CAPM.

  • You must have at least a high school graduation or equivalent global qualification
  • Have recorded 1,500 hours of project teamwork.
  • Have 23-hour project management course

These requirements must be completed at the time of application. You need to pass a 150-question exam for 3 hours based on the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) guide.

We strongly recommend that you take a training course to prepare for the exam. If possible, take courses that count as university credits or PDUs (Professional Development Units required to maintain PMP qualifications). Courses have some proper guidelines and it can take up to 16 to 40 hours. For best results, you need to take the exam immediately after the course and keep the information fresh in your head.

The importance of CAPM qualification cannot be underestimated. The benefits are for those who are serious about career development.

Benefits of Obtaining Project Management Certifications

Project Management Professionals (PMPs) and Project Management Certifications (CAPMs) are recognized many of today’s leading companies. The purpose of the CAPM qualification is to properly instill the right project management skills and knowledge in the project leaders. Those with a PMP qualification are honored to assume the role of project manager as this qualification is a testament to their project management expertise. PMP guidelines are used to measure experience, education and expertise. This is every helpful as you gain the required knowledge and skills you need to succeed.

Having project management course at a trusted university or school is really important for increasing your market value.

Leads To Increasing Market Value

The basic salary as a project consultant or project manager depends on the level of qualification. Recognizing the importance of this skill, an increasing number of companies are making it a prerequisite for hiring project consultants and project managers. Obtaining this qualification may increase your base salary by approximately 15-30%.

Open Door To New Customers

It’s not really surprising that the number of certified project managers has tripled in recent years as more and more people have begun to recognize the need for certification.

Providing International Recognition

PMI certification is already according to international standards. It holds the key to international recognition and is an attractive way to stay competitive under global standards. The trend for consultants is to qualify for PMP. Many companies are improperly raising salary levels to ensure they have the right skills to work as their project consultants and project managers.

Building Reliability

To be certified as a Project Manager Professional (PMP) is a testament to your ability to apply your knowledge, skills and traits as a project manager based on appropriate established guidelines. Certified professionals agree to comply with industry and Professional Code of Conduct. Obtaining a PMP qualification represents a higher level of expertise and knowledge. It helps to increase your credibility as a potential project consultant.

Stay Competitive Over Your Competitors

Competition among peers is fierce and it is very difficult to stay competitive in the market. You can obtain the necessary information and knowledge. Specialized qualifications and receiving continuous guidance from university lecturers and seniors.

Leads To Higher Salaries And Faster Promotion

or CAPM certified people. This opens up a very good prospect for project managers with PMP / CAPM qualifications. Obtaining such a qualification will increase your reward 10-20%, depending on the industry.

Highly Acclaimed By The World’s Leading Companies

CAPM Certification in Berlin are for project managers to obtain these certifications in order for many leading companies (Microsoft, IBM, American Express, etc.) to actively support these certifications and compete with colleagues and competitors. We are increasingly encouraging you to enroll in our program and are becoming more and more officially recognized.

Students generally go through phases of study, starting with the first level, where a basic understanding of the material is gained, and then gradually progressing through different levels, such as building blocks, to the synthesis level. This “building block” method involves reviewing the material several times, learning a little more each time, deepening your mastery of the material and gradually moving to the next level.

The PMP and CAPM exams are very challenging.  It requires an integrated understanding of the materials, their application, and interrelationships.

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