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 I always wonder what these Best smelling shampoo brands claim, do they mean it????

In today’s article, I am going to find out whether their claim is right or just making a fuss around the world.

Splits ends are also refer red to as trichoptilosis,it, it is a type of hair damage in which our hair strand or shaft’s end splits into two or more branches, it mostly occurs at the end of the shaft. However, you can have split ends anywhere on the entire shaft. And another most important point you keep in mind that the split ends are most commonly happen in dry hairs rather than wet hairs.



Hair consists of three concentric layers, the outer one is the cuticle, the middle layer is the cortex and the innermost layer is Medulla.

Split ends occur when the cuticle gets ripped off or becomes damaged. So now if there is no tough surface outside to protect the hair, then this damage continues to develop in the innermost layer of the hair thus causing the split ends.

The most interesting fact about split ends is, the most severe and most frequent split ends are happened due to two major causes, such as frequent bleaching your hair and secondly harsh exposure to the sun directly on your hair.


The most devastating news about this question is… NOOOO. You can not repair the damaged split ends. In reality, this is just a marketing glimmering, once the damage is done it can’t be reversible or cannot be treated. But what you can do is, you can avoid these split ends but using the following precautions.

Types of split ends And How We Can Avoid Them

1.         Y-shape split ends

The most common split end is Y split or we can also call this just a split end. This means that the hair cuticlesare starting to become slightly damaged is it causing its split open. So, this type of split means that your hair is in during too much manipulation


This type of damage is most common when your hair is rubbing continuously again your clothes, possible because of that they are getting extra dry or maybe you always styling your hair or doing your hair rough combing, or perhaps you are trimming them but maybe you are not using a sharp scissor,

Or maybe you are trimming them enough.



You can avoid these types of splits by adding moisture to your hair, which is also a sign that your hair needs moisture and to seal in that moisture. And that’s because there is lots of manipulation and pollution are present in the air and the environment causing those splits. So, make sure that you are protecting your hair well during the day as well as at night.

2.         A KNOT SPLIT END Best smelling shampoo

The most common type of split end is the single straight knots. Now, this is not the split at an exact point because it’s one knot that wraps around itself but generally what happens when we comb out hair, the comb or fingers got caught on those knots and that causes a lot of breakages and that can cause they split ends.


And the best thing we can do to avoid this particular knot is to keep our hair stretched and protect it by banding, braiding, keeping your hair ends separated, moisturizing, and stretched will help prevent the knots.


The third type of knot is incomplete splits or mid-shaft splits. And this is very hard to detect because initially, you can’t see it, just because it happens at the bottom or mid of your hair shaft.


And this is most commonly happening when you constantly wear the tight bun or tight puffs for a longer period. The constant tension between your hair and hair bands causes such mid shaft knots.


You can avoid this type of split by avoiding certain types of bobby pins, also avoid certain types of hairstyles for a longer period than causing extreme tension at the middle of your hair used Best smelling shampoo.



In this split, you can see that the end of the shaft is starting to get thinner, at this point you can see the tip of the hair has lost its outer cuticle and is prime and ready for a split. So at this point, it’s not split but it is more prone to get split eventually.


This type of split is usually due to cause of heat damage or chemical damage.


You can avoid this by adding more protein to your hair to help build up the cuticle shaft become protective while you are doing such damaging process to your hair (dye your hair or styling with heating tools), and most importantly trim those ends.

5.         THE TREE/FEATHER SPLIT ENDS of best smelling shampoo:

These are the last two types of split ends, in this, the cuticles of the hair are severely damaged and you have more splits on one side or both sides. At this point you need to look into your hair care product and practices and find out best smelling shampoo what you are doing that is secure your hair.


A lot of time this is because of too much dryness, too much manipulation


You can avoid them by properly moisturizing them, also you need to make a proper hair care routine to minimize and avoid such type of damage. Protect your hair before going into the harsh weather



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